ORSON PRATT BROWN 1863-1946 - Chronology
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Chronological History

Orson Pratt Brown
Born: May 22, 1863 at Ogden (formerly Brownsville), Weber, Utah
Died: March 10, 1946 at Colonia Dublan, Chihuahua, Mexico

Compiled by Lucy Brown Archer

1822 May 18

Augustine Iturbide proclaims himself emperor of Mexico, but is not given absolute power and is later removed by the Congress. His reign ended the next year and he was executed months later.


The U.S. defeated Mexico in the Mexican War and won/annexed much Mexican Territory (California, Nevada, Texas, Utah and parts of Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, Oklahoma, and New Mexico).

1847 June 27

Joseph Smith, 1st President of Church is martyred.

1847 December 27

1848 February 2

Brigham Young became 2nd President of Church

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo is signed

1850 October 17

Orson's parents marry at Ogden, Utah

Captain James Brown (September 30,1803 / 47) marries 7th wife

Phoebe Abbott (May 18, 1831 / 19) (Phoebe's mother - Abigail Smith Abbott (9-11-1806 / 39) was already Captain James Brown's 5th wife)

Abigail and James separate because Abigail did not think it was right for one man to be married to both a mother and her daughter.


Antonio López de Santa Anna returned to power as President of Mexico

1857 January 11

Beníto Juárez proclaimed himself as President of Mexico but the resistance continued. President of Mexico from 1861 to 1863 and 1867 to 1872.  Juárez succumbed to a heart attack on July 17, 1872.


Abraham Lincoln is President of U.S.


U.S. Congress provided legal challenge to polygamy with Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act to be enforced by local judges and juries.

1863 May 22

Orson Pratt Brown born (3rd of 3 children) in Ogden, Weber, Utah to Captain James Brown (Sept 30 1803) and Phebe Abbott Brown (5-18-1831/ 19) (7th wife of 13). Orson was named for early Mormon apostle, Orson Pratt.


French troops occupied Mexico City. Mexico had been independent from Spain only since 1821.

1863 September 25

Orson's father, Captain James Brown's had an accident while grinding sugar beets to make molasses his arms were mashed in a mill in Ogden, Utah.

1863 September 30

Orson's father, Captain James Brown died from blood poisoning (gangrene). This was to be his 62nd birthday (9-30-1801). Orson was four months old.

1865 April 15

Abraham Lincoln is assassinated at Ford Theatre.

Andrew Johnson becomes new President of U.S. until 1869.

1866 October 9

When Orson was three years old his mother Phebe (35) married her younger sister Cynthia's husband, (Colonel) William Nicol Fife (35).


Liberal forces led by Benito Juárez regain power.

1867 July 22

Orson's only surviving sister from Phebe and William Fife is born in Ogden, Weber, Utah. Her name is Cynthia Abigail Fife.


Ulysses S. Grant is President of U.S. (until 1877)


Phebe Fife gave birth to a second girl but the infant died at birth.


Phebe Fife gave birth to a third child but it died from smallpox 1 1/2 yrs later.


Sebastian Lerdo de Tejada elected President of Mexico after Benito Juárez died of a heart attack.


The Poland Act stiffened the Morrill Act of 1862 (polygamy issue) by placing court jurisdiction in the hands of federal appointees rather than local probate courts.

1875 May

Orson received the priesthood of a Deacon in Ogden, Utah.


Porfirio Diaz overthrew President Lerdo de Tejada in 1876 and acted as provisional president until his election in 1877 (remained in office for more than 30 yrs.)

1877 August 29

Brigham Young,  2nd President of Church died


The U.S. Supreme Court issued the final U.S. v. Reynolds decision. A unanimous court found against George Reynolds, secretary of the Mormon First Presidency, stating that while laws "cannot interfere with mere religious belief and opinions, they may with practices."

1879 October

(October 1880 is also given)

Orson's stepfather William Fife, with his two sons Walter and John and his mother Phebe, sister Cynthia and himself started on a trip to Arizona. They had one team of horses, two mule teams and three wagons.  (Charles Fife?)

1879 December 20

Family arrived on top of the Buckskin Mountains now known as Kiabab forest.

1879 December 25

Orson spent Christmas at the home of Sheriff ? and his wife because he was tracking two mules taken by the son of Joel Johnson.

1880 c.July

Fife's arrived in Sulphur Springs Valley AZ. They had made their camp in Pima, AZ and began hauling lumber to Tombstone. Webbsfoot Smith began to bait Orson with stories of the Mountain Meadows Massacre, Orson made him take back his remarks.

1880 October 10

John Taylor became 3rd President of Church after Brigham Young died August 29, 1877.


Rutherford B. Hayes is President of U.S., dies September 19, 1881.

Chester A. Arthur becomes new President of U.S. (until 1885)


Orson, along with Major Dawning, Sam Elsworth, and Ed Elwood began the Arizona Vigilantes in Pioneer Canyon area by bringing outlaw Joe Goss to justice.


Orson, John Sponseller and Mike Brown fight off San Pedro Apaches and Tonto Basin Indians. Help rescue Globe families and horseless posse.


Orson found his mother's sister and family, Edward and Emily Bunker in Mesa. He stayed three or four months then they all moved to St. David, AZ on the San Pedro River. After a time in Saint David he had the urge to see his mother and sister who were still in the Sulphur Spring Valley.

1882 March

U.S. Congress passes the Edmunds Anti-polygamy Act that strengthened the U.S. law against the practice of polygamy.

1883 April

Orson fights Indian Chief Loco band of Indians while protecting his home in Thatcher, AZ, his mother and Fife siblings. During a gunfight a bullet flattens against his chest and causes Orson to bleed but it did not penetrate his body.

1884 September 11

(1883 September)

Aunt Diana Davis Fife shot by a Mexican named "Jesus". Thirteen year-old Agnes Fife witnesses the tragedy. Jesus is found and hanged.

1884 Fall

While working as a cowboy for the 3C Cattle Co. in Sulphur Springs Valley it was the custom for the ranch hands to all cut and haul hay. Orson and his brother Charles with four [were hauling hay from the White Water section to the Sulphur Springs, a distance of about fifty miles, taking four days to make a trip. One chilly morning Orson put on his coat and found a hymnbook his mother Phebe had given to him. He opened it and read and the tears fell down his cheeks. He began to remember the things that had happened in his childhood and the testimonies of President Brigham Young, John Taylor, Martin Harris and many others, among them the wonderful testimony that was always borne to him by his mother.

1885 January 13

Church President John Taylor after a conference in St. David, AZ appointed some men to act as land purchasing agents in Chihuahua, Mexico for the Church to prepare a refuge for saints that were vulnerable to arrest under the Edmunds law.  Those who felt in danger, he said, should depart immediately to the valley of the Cases Grandes in Chihuahua.


Grover Cleveland is President of U.S. (until 1889)

1885 February

William C. McClellan, a Mormon Battalion veteran, was the first to cross the border into the state of Chihuahua, Mexico around 1884-1885.

Others included William Maxwell Bailey,

McClellan was instructed to establish a central camp for other immigrants. Here he met Señor Jose Maria Holguin, a very friendly man, who gave McClellan permission to use some of his land two miles north of La Ascension for a camp.

1885 Spring

Orson and his brother, Charlie Fife, were visited by Apostle Amos Lyman and John Henry Smith; and the president of the seven presidents of the Seventy's, Seymour B. Young. They held a fine meeting at Safford, Orson and the two Wright brothers were ordained as Seventies, Charlie and William Nelson not desiring to take upon themselves the obligation.

About two in the morning a bunch of Apache Indians rode through the outskirts of Safford driving off a number of horses. The two Wright brothers, together with Robert Welker followed the Indians. The Indians fired on them, killing the two Wright brothers and Robert Welker, but his companions were saved and they returned to Safford. Orson and others went out and brought the bodies home and it was one of the saddest funerals ever witnessed. The husbands and fathers of two small families being dead at the same time. Apostle Lyman, Smith and Young advised us not to follow them further. My real work and experience in the Gospel began here, working in the Mutual and Sunday School.

1885 December

George Teasdale, Alexander F. MacDonald, Ernest L. Taylor, George Sevey, Isaac Turley, Peter Skousen, Henry Eyring, and others help layout the plans for the new town of Colonia Juárez.

1886 January 10

Colonia Juárez planners and other colonists begin to build the town.


Church President John Taylor said he received a revelation confirming polygamy.

1886 May

Orson obtains his passport.

1886 September 2

Orson's only sister from Phebe and William Fife, Cynthia Abigail Fife married Joseph Layton (28 Jul 1864) in Safford, Graham, AZ

Orson went to Thatcher to see his mother and to buy some land.  Brothers Snow and Thatcher came and advised them to go to Mexico. Moses Thatcher calls for volunteers to go to colonies in Mexico to establish and build the colonies. Orson answers the call. Mr. Fife was to sell out and come down with family later on. Fife sold his ranch and returned to Utah instead.

1887 February 27

President Taylor (78) died in hiding after marrying Josephine Roueche (26)


U.S. Congress passed the tougher Edmunds-Tucker Act, which dissolved the church corporation, putting its properties and funds into receivership.

1887 March




1887 May 1

Apostles Moses Thatcher and Snow returned from the colonies in Mexico and told the members in Safford about the distressing financial conditions of the people in Mexico. He asked for volunteers of young men who were willing to serve and labor and build roads and dig ditches and become members of the colonies in Mexico. Orson began to dispose of what little he had and went to Sulphur Springs Valley where his mother was. Phebe desired to go with him and together they journeyed to the colonies. William Fife returned to Utah. Just before getting into the little colony of Juárez their wagon broke down and in the work of reloading and moving the cargo the malaria fever came back on him, having had it once before. He was in bed for about three weeks, nigh unto death. Brother MacDonald administered to Orson and he recovered from his illness.

1887 May 3

The great Pitayachi Sonora earthquake occurred near Colonia Morelos. The new Colonia Juarez suffered much damage but the new fissures had opened new springs of water along the San Miguel River's course and provided for their most important need.

1887 May 30

Orson and Phebe went to Juárez. They arrived there May 30th. Orson was taken with chills and fever from malaria and was very sick for three weeks. Some of the boys rented his team; he went along; killed some deer. He began to get better. They plowed the garden. The neighbors were very kind and let them have garden stuff until theirs grew. They had some beautiful Plymouth Rock chickens.

1887  May 30 1887 June 1st

Orson and his mother Phebe arrive in Colonia Juárez. His first assignment is to make adobe bricks for the schoolhouse with Philip Cardon. Next he is made a Rural Police Officer to catch cattle thieves. Then he assists Pres. Macdonald in building a reservoir in Galeana for a flourmill thereby earning and little money. Here he courts and wins the hand of Martha Diana Romney.

1887 June 5

George W. Sevey was called as Bishop of the new Colonia Juarez, and Miles P. Romney and Ernest L. Taylor as counselors. They were set apart by Elder Erastus Snow.

1887 October 10

(1887 November)

Orson marries first wife Martha "Mattie" Diana (Deanna) Romney (1870 to 1943). This was the first marriage to take place in Colonia Juárez. Orson is made a rural police officer to catch cattle and horse thieves.

1888 September 30

Orson's first offspring Carrie born, named after Mattie's mother, lived nineteen months to 5-20-1890 (or August 10, 1890).


Benjamin Harrison is President of U.S. (until 1893)

1889 April 7

Wilford Woodruff becomes 4th President of Church after John Taylor died July 25, 1887.

1889 June 1

Orson made the adobe bricks for William P. Stowell's new gristmill in Colonia Juárez.

1889 June 24

Dublán was a barren flat land with only four Mormon families living there, Carltons, Whipples, Fosters, and Lakes. When the Bluth family arrived they lived in a tent with a bowery. Food was very scarce and pioneer life was extremely rugged.

1890 May 20

Orson's first offspring Carrie died, lived only nineteen months, 5-20-1890.

1890 August 28

Orson's second offspring, Orson Pratt Brown II is born, lived to be nearly eighteen months, 4-10-1892. Both children "died with that terrible infantile disease paralysis." (polio?)

1890 September 25

President Wilford Woodruff of the Mormon Church issued his "Manifesto" which declared an end to the contracting of plural marriages in the Church. Approved at Church conference in October.


Apostle Moses Thatcher "resting his strength upon his own arm of flesh." Orson recognizes his old friend is falling from Church due to his spirit of defiance and not humility.

1891 January

Mattie writes that "the coldness is taking a great toll on the company's herd of sheep…We are losing ten to fifty every night."

1891 September

Mattie writes that Orson is now teaching Sunday School.

1892 April 10

Mattie writes "we lost our baby boy (Orson Pratt Brown II, 1 year 8 mo.) today and we are now without children…On top of the loss of our son Orson is struggling desperately against all odds to save the sheep in his charge…some type of disease has come upon the sheep and they are dying by the hundreds…wind scattering several hundred missing…Orson is a very energetic young man…"

1892 October 4

Orson's third offspring is born, Ray Brown. ("After followed seven more, Clyde, Miles, Dewey, Vera, Anthony, Phoebe and Juárez Orson.")

1892 November

(see 1895)

Karl G. Maeser, the "father" of the Church School System, visited the colonies.


President Anthony Ivins called Orson and said, "Orson, I would like you to go over to Colonial Oaxaca and untangle this difficulty with the embargo on the land by Williams and Kosterlitzky."

1893 January 4

President of the U.S. Benjamin Harrison issued a proclamation of amnesty to those who had entered into polygamous marriages prior to November 1, 1890

-Martha "Mattie" Diane Romney              md. 1887 (lived 1870 to1943)

-Jane "Jennie" Bodily Galbraith               md. 1897 (lived 1879 to 1944)

-Elizabeth "Bessie" Graham McDonald   md. 1901 (lived 1874 to 1904)

-Eliza Skousen                                         md. 1902 (lived 1882 to 1958)

-Angela "Angelita" Gabaldon                   md. 1919 (lived 1900 to 1967)


Grover Cleveland elected again as President of U.S. (until 1897)


Orson was in partnership with Ernest L. Taylor and Joseph C. Bentley, they sold and bought cattle.









 1893 May 8

Orson and his wife Mattie, drove a wagon to the dedication of the Salt Lake Temple in company with their very good friends, Joseph S. Cardon and his wife, Rhoda. In the Logan Temple they received their washings and anointings and were sealed by Apostle Merrill who was then presiding over the Logan Temple.

They then returned to Salt Lake where he had the privilege of going to the dedicatory service of the Temple on April 6. Orson describes it as one of the most wonderful manifestations he had ever witnessed. While the choir and congregation were singing "The Spirit of God Like a Fire is Burning," they were joined in this most wonderful hymn by a heavenly host whose description of their singing is beyond words. This experience greatly enhanced his testimony.

Phoebe left Salt Lake with Orson returned to Mexico along with Orson's mother, Phebe Abbott.

1891 ~ 1893

Tomoche Indian incident in regard to a spiritual messenger had visited Teresita Urrea de Cabora of Sinaloa to tell her that the Catholic church was not suppose to sell the sacraments nor charge the people for sermons. She also had the power of healing. This was the beginning of a long struggle for the Tomoche Indians, the Catholic Church and the Federal politicos of Mexico.


Orson accompanies church leaders to Colonia Oaxaca to try to settle the contentiousness in the community. Apostle J.W. Taylor prophesizes that if people do not repent and seek peaceful solution the town would be laid to waste.

1894 November 27

Mattie gives birth to Clyde Brown in Colonia Dublán.

1895 (See 1892)

Orson witnesses healing of Karl G. Maeser (1828-1901) in the Colonies.


Captain Orson and his posse outwit Tomoche Indians away from Colonies.


While searching for cattle thieves Orson is made a U.S. Customs Officer in El Paso, was deputized by the sheriff in Deming, and made Captain of Rural Police for the District of Chihuahua by Gov. Ahumada. Orson was also made an officer of the International Stock Growers Protective Association by Lu Brown the President. Blessing by Apostle Teasdale.

1895 October 9

Bessie Webb gives birth to Elizabeth Elsie Webb.

1896 January 1

Mattie tells us "Orson and my father Miles are going to open a store at the farm…Orson spoke in Church meeting…"He that thinketh he standeth, take heed lest he fall.""

1896 January 4

Utah received statehood, the 45th state. Heber M. Wells elected 1st governor.

1896 March

Mattie writes that "She,Orson, three year old Ray, and 16 month old Clyde have all been very sick."

1896 end of April

Orson had to go to Kansas City on business.



'Mormon Brown' confronts outlaw John Cox in Deming, NM

Gets a rewarding opportunity to buy Israel King ranch


William McKinley is President of U.S. (until 1901)

1897 April 8

Mattie gives birth to Miles Romney Brown in Colonia Juarez. Named after Orson's friend Miles Park Romney.


After Matty has a vision regarding plural marriage, Matty writes a letter to Jenny Galbraith inviting her to join their family. Orson marries second wife Jane Bodily Galbraith approx. 18 years old in Colonia Diaz.

1897 December 9

Bessie Webb gives birth to Marguerite Webb

1898 January 15

Orson is in group of fifteen church authorities that are visited by Mexican Governor Miguel Ahumada of Chihuahua...a courtesy call in Colonia Juárez?? at President Ivins home.  [See photo] The man at the far left is Bishop Johnson of Colonia Diaz. The man behind President Ivins is Helaman Pratt of Dublán. Behind Pratt, dressed in white is Orson Pratt Brown.  At the Governor's right is Henry Eyring. Behind the Governor is lawyer, Edmund Richardson


Jennie gave birth to Ronald Galbraith Brown probably in Dublán.

1898 September 13

Lorenzo Snow becomes 5th President of Church after Wilford Woodruff dies.

1898 November 14

Mattie gives birth to Dewey B. Brown in Colonia Dublán


Jennie gives birth to Grant Galbraith "Duke" Brown

1900 August 10

Angela born to Thomas Gabaldon (3-7-1874) and Maria Duran de Holguin (5-29-1876) in Ciudad Jiménez, Chihuahua, Mexico

Maternal grandparents: Pedro Duran and Josepha Holguin

Paternal grandparents: Mariano Gabaldon and Elena Gabaldon


Jennie gives birth to Mattie Galbraith "Betty" Brown, may be named for Martha "Mattie" Brown.


Theodore Roosevelt is President of U.S. (until 1909)

1901 January 15

Orson marries third wife Elizabeth "Bessie" Graham McDonald Webb (26), a widow with two daughters, at the suggestion of his wife Matty and in her presence. Bessie's father Alexander Findlay MacDonald performed the ceremony.

(Another source states Bessie was divorced from Pardon Milo Webb)


Orson receives knowledge from spirit of the Lord that Heber J. Grant will be next Church President. (Grant was 7th President of the Church from November 23, 1918, to 1945.)

1901 February


Orson installed as the first bishop of Morelos. Orson takes Mattie and children and Bessie and her two daughters, Elsie (5) and Marguerite (3) to Morelos with him. Alexander Jameson and Lorenzo Snow Huish were his two counselors, John Huber was ward clerk. Orson sells many of his assets to buy equipment etc. to build up Colonia Morelos.

1901 April 1901

Mattie gives birth to Vera Brown, maybe still in Colonia Dublán.

1901 October 17

Joseph F. Smith became 6th President of Church after Lorenzo Snow died October 10, 1901.

1902 March 10

Bessie Webb Brown gives birth to Donald Mac Brown

1902 July 3


While Orson and three men were building a tithing granary in Morelos Orson (43) fell fourteen feet and was crushed by a five hundred-pound log. He broke his neck, right shoulder, right elbow, several vertebrae, hip, skull cracked, etc. His wife Jane doctored him until he was well. Orson received a blessing from Brothers Charles Lillywhite, George Bunker, and Patriarch Jameson and was healed. (see "Faith Like the Ancient" by N/B Lundwell pp 77-79.)

1902 July (1903)

Orson has a vision of the flooding of the Bavispe River at Colonia Morelos.

1902 September 2 (9-3-1902)

Orson marries fourth wife Eliza Skousen 20 years old. Even though plural marriage had been terminated in the States twelve years before, polygamy was not illegal in the Mexican colonies and permitted by the church until 1904. A.W. Ivins performed the marriage ceremony. Orson is still Bishop of Morelos.

1903 March 21

Orson's father-in-law, Alexander F. MacDonald, died in Colonia Garcia.

1903 August 27

Eliza gives birth to Gwendolyn Brown.

1904 January 10

Bessie MacDonald Webb Brown gives birth to James Duncan Brown.

1904 January 30

Mattie gives birth to Anthony Morelos Brown, in Colonia Juarez (or Colonia Morelos?).

1904 February 25

Miles Park Romney (performing his duties as President of the Stake High Priest's quorum) died of heart attack at his daughter Hannah's house.

1904 October 24

Orson's third wife, Bessie MacDonald Webb Brown, died (30)

1904 December 18

Mattie writes "I now have four children, three are down with typhoid fever and Ray my oldest had had his leg badly cut on a wire fence while on horseback."


Orson, on the train from Kansas City to El Paso has an experience that leads him to suggest at a Stake Conference that Mormon missionaries not dress like other ministers. Pres. John Henry Smith, Chairman of the Missionary Committee, takes the suggestion to SLC. From then on Mormon missionaries are to wear suits instead of long tailed coats.


Orson visits Mormon President Joseph F. Smith for assurance that all marriages performed by A. F. MacDonald are valid and is reassured.


Bishop Orson P. Brown purchased a burr mill at the foot of Hog Mountain two miles east of Morelos, sixty feet from the banks of the Bavispe River then sold it to Joseph Lillywhite.  (Stalwarts, Page 401)

1905 September 26

Eliza gives birth to Anna Brown.


Jennie gives birth to twins Pratt Galbraith "Orson" Brown and W. Galbraith Brown.


Orson's mother, Phebe, leaves Mexico to live in Thatcher, AZ with her daughter Cynthia Fife Layton. Phebe was afflicted with rheumatism.

1905 Nov or Dec

Snow accumulations in the mountains followed by heavy rainfall cause rivers to converge and cause a great flood. Virtually wipes out Colonia Oaxaca and parts of Colonia Morelos. (See 1894 prophecy by J.W. Taylor) It also wiped out Orson's gold and silver mine at the outskirts of the city.

1906 April

Before General Conference John W. Taylor and Matthias F. Cowley were forced to resign from the Quorum of Apostles as part of the Church's efforts to discontinue polygamy practices.

Anthony Ivins's marriage record book reveals that he solemnized more marriages during the Smith administration than during the previous two administrations combined.  Since Ivins insisted on authorization for the ceremonies he performed, it would suggest that Joseph F. Smith did sanction a number of marriages during the years of his presidency (Oct 1901 to Nov 1918).


Presidents Anthony W. Ivins and Helaman Pratt ask Orson to leave Morelos and move to Dublán (or Juarez) to build a canal and lakes system for the Colony.  Ivins gives Orson five tracts of land in Dublán, and Orson bought a couple lots from George Clayson, he bought a brick house, etc. Lots of trading to establish himself and his families in Dublán.

1906 April 23

Mattie gives birth to Phoebe Brown, probably named after Orson's mother.


Jennie gives birth to Porfirio Galbraith "Tom" Brown. Later changed his name to Thomas Patrick Brown. Probably named after Mexican President Porfirio Diaz.

1907 June 9

Apostle George Teasdale died.

1907 (1906)

Orson was released as Bishop of Colonia Morelos Ward. He moved his families to Colonia Dublán where he was called to be on the Stake High Council.

1907 September 6

Eliza gives birth to Otis Pratt Brown.


The Canadian Company asks Orson to investigate 500,000 acres in Tepic. Orson uncovers a ring of exploiters, Orson refuses a large bribe. He meets and reports to President of Mexico Diaz.

1908 December 28

Mattie gives birth to Orson Juárez Brown in Colonia Dublán. Named after Benito Juarez, former Mexican President.


Jennie gives birth to Emma Galbraith Brown.


William H. Taft is President of U.S. (until 1913)

1909 May 22

Eliza gives birth to Orson Erastus Brown. After16 months this child succumbed to spinal meningitis (or polio). May have been named for Erastus Snow.


Orson is sent by Stake Presidency to request help from the Church in securing firearms for their protection. Abram Gonzales introduces Orson to Francisco I. Madero in El Paso. Discussed at length the Mormon Colonies neutrality during the revolution.


As head of the armed forces of the Colonies Orson refuses to supply 100 armed Mormons from the colonies to the chief political head of Galeana.

1910 September 10

Orson Erastus Brown dies at age of 16 months from spinal meningitis.


Orson had a dream that Salazar and his rebels were going to drive the colonists out of Mexico and he related to President A.W. Ivins his dream and the impression that he had received.

c.1910 to 1914

At this critical time Orson was not with any of his wives or families. He was away, deeply involved in trying to resolve the multiple dangers facing all the Mormon colonists. At the time he wore many hats. Among them he was the authorized agent of the Church, the Mexican Federal Government, certain of the Mexican revolutionaries, and the U.S. Army.

1911 May 24

Eliza gives birth to Francisco Madero Brown. Named after Mexican President Francisco I. Madero.


Porfirio Diaz was forced to flee the country by Madero's forces. Victoriano Huerta commanded the honor guard that accompanied him into exile.

Diaz died in France in 1915.

1911 October

Francisco Indalecio Madera elected President of Mexico from 1911 to 1913 and Jose Maria Piño Suarez as Vice-President.

Madero is called the "Apostle of Mexican Democracy."

1911 December

The ward and stake leaders of the Colonies made a strategic decision that in order to protect themselves they would purchase high-powered rifles and ammunition. It was unanimously decided that Orson P. Brown should be detailed to complete this business.

After the battles at Agua Prieta and Ciudad Juárez, Orson P. Brown became inspector of cattle for Villa until he had a disagreement with the rebel leader. Villa became so enraged that he put a noose on Brown's neck and was ready to hang him, had it not been for Brown's wife Mattie pleading for his life, but Villa relented and let Orson go.

1912 March 17

Orson and Eliza's son Francisco Madero Brown dies at age of ten months.

1912 April 2

Orson, in El Paso, arranged to move fifty guns and ammunition ordered by Stake President Junius Romney across the border to the Mormon Colonies.  He sent the shipment by rail to Hermanas, a small station west of Columbus, New Mexico, where a Mormon confederate, Ernest G. Taylor, was to receive them using the pseudonym "T.G. Ernest." They were given away by an unknown person and the shipment was confiscated by the border guard.

1912 July

Orson called away to Thatcher, AZ due to the serious illness of his mother, Phebe. While there President Ivins sent him a telegram instructing him to return immediately to El Paso.

1912 August 30 or

1912 July 29


450 Mormons fled the colonies in sixty lumber wagons with little more than 24 hours notice. O.P. Brown's families left from their Petacachi Ranch between Colonia Morelos and Douglas, AZ.  General Blanco took over the ranch and all their cattle.  Orson was in El Paso, Texas fulfilling Pres. Ivins request that he help negotiate the terms of the Mormon condition and to help relocate all the women and children refugees who had been forced to evacuate the Mormon colonies.

One of his twin sons by Jane Galbraith, W. Galbraith Brown, 7, was thrown from one of the jolting wagons and crushed beneath a wheel. The boy was buried in Colonia Morelos next to Bessie MacDonald Webb Brown, Orson's third wife who died October 23,1904.

1912 August 7 to 10

According to Karl E. Young in "Ordeal in Mexico" "Orson Brown, a forceful character" led the 235 Mormon brethren across country out of the colonies to the U.S.


Jane's biography states that Orson was in El Paso in the middle of negotiations based on neutrality on behalf of the Church with the Mexican Federal Government, with certain Revolutionary groups (Madero), and with the U.S. Army. Orson was also on the Relief Committee to provide refuge and transportation to the fleeing women and children from the Colonies.

Minutes of meeting held in El Paso in continuation of yesterday's session of the Juarez Stake Relief Committee, Juarez Stake Presidency, High Councillors, Bishops and leading Brethren, 32 present [August 14, 1912]:
"Whilst in this meeting Bro. O.P. Brown received a dispatch from Douglas, announcing the death of his son Galbraith by accident yesterday [August 13, 1912] as the family were fleeing to the United States for safety. The wagon had tipped over, crushing the boy under one of the wheels and twisting the foot of his older son, so that he [Grant] had to walk with crutches. Despite all this, Bro. Brown felt that "there are times when a man's duty to his fellows is greater than to his family," hence he was here."

Mattie and the children joined him at the Pearson Hotel for two weeks then they went to Thatcher, AZ. and stayed there for the winter. Ronald wrote that his mother Jane and her family spent the 1912-1913 winter in El Paso.

1912 August

Stake President Bentley issued a blanket release of all Church callings. Orson must have been released from the Stake High Council at this time.


Woodrow Wilson is President of the U.S. ( until 1921)

1913 February 19

Francisco I. Madero was forced to resign and was assassinated three days later by Victoriano Huerta.

1913 February

Victoriano Huerta's rule over Mexico lasted between February 1913 and July 15, 1914, when he was forced to resign.


Fire in Colonia Diaz burns church and schoolhouse and most of town.

1913 Spring

Mattie and children move to Dexter, NM. Orson traded some of his Mexican property for two farms, one was an apple orchard and the other was planted in alfalfa, and grain.


Jane with her six young children and her mother Emma moved to Salt Lake City. Jane petitioned the Church for assistance but due to the shared plight of many and the depleted resources of the Church she was turned down. Jane was forced to give up her two youngest sons, Pratt Orson (8) and Porfirio (5) to an orphanage. Ronald and Grant took on odd jobs to augment Jane's meager salary doing nursing work.

1913 Fall

Orson and Mattie and Eliza move to Provo, Utah. Miles and Dewey worked at the Knight Woolen Mills while the younger children attended school. Clyde married Mabel Ellison here on June 13, 1914.

1915 January 9

Orson's mother Phebe Abigail Abbott died (84) at Thatcher, Arizona. President Andrew Kimball, Brigham Stowell, and Caroline Eyring, were the speakers at her funeral services; she was buried in Thatcher, Arizona.

1914 Spring

Mattie and family moved to Richmond, UT where Orson bargained to buy another farm and dairy. Stayed only that summer then moved to Rupert, ID.


Jane Galbraith Brown, living in Salt Lake City, divorced Orson at this time. She never remarried.

1914 Fall

Miles tells us that "Orson moved his family to Rupert, ID there he traded invoiced merchandise which was invoiced that called for $1,000-worth of groceries, but you had to pay $500 cash on each invoice. Dad traded the invoices for the down payment on two farms, one coal company, and two houses in town. We were so involved and my older brothers were such poor farmers and businessmen the we finally  lost everything."  Orson was living in Miami, Arizona.

1914 June 28

Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand begins World War I

1914 July

After six months in El Paso Orson went to live in Provo, Utah with Eliza. "He yielded to the temptations of another woman and became so involved that he finally left and went back to Mexico."  Eliza was left to fend for herself and their children.

1914 July 15

Huerta resigned from the office of President of Mexico and moved to Spain.

1914 December 24

Eliza gives birth to Elizabeth Brown.

1915 May 1

Venustiano Carranza assumed the presidency of Mexico.

1915 October 24

"Colonel" William Nicol Fife, Orson's stepfather, died in Ogden, buried at Ogden City Cemetery, Weber, Utah.


Carranza issued the Law of January 6th, which conceived the "ejido" (collective farm) as compensation for injustice to the campesos.


Porfirio Diaz dies in exile in France


Orson's wives Jennie and Eliza divorced him. His wife Bessie died in 1904.  He was estranged from wife Mattie and his families.  His property, a lifetime of work and resources, was lost in the service of the Church and during the Exodus, and his 30 children are scattered throughout four or more states. (See May 1920)

1916 March 15

President Wilson stations Brigadier General John J. Pershing with 4,800 troops (mostly cavalry) supported by aircraft and motorized military vehicles (the first time either were used in U.S. warfare) in Colonia Dublán. This action was taken to protect Americans and their interests from the resistance of Doroteo Arango (known as Pancho Villa) beginning in 1913 against the Victoriano Huerta dictatorship and the "Carranzistas". 


Orson working for General Bell of the U.S. Army.

1917 January

Pershing and his troops left Colonia Dublán to return to the U.S.

Pershing was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the American Expeditionary Force in Europe on May 19, 1917.

c.1917 March

Orson is instrumental in achieving an agreement between Mexican General Obregon and American General Scott regarding relations on the border. U.S. Congress approved it and U.S. President Wilson signed it.

1917 March 11

Venustiano Carranza is officially elected President of Mexico

1917 April 6

United States declares war on Germany during World War I

Dewey enlisted right away.


Miles tells us he had been on his own for a while and was working for the Union Pacific Railroad. Miles returned to Rupert and moved his mother Mattie and children to Pocatello where he was working.

1918 November 23

Heber J. Grant became 7th President of Church after Joseph F. Smith died November 19, 1918.

c. 1919

Dewey wrote to Miles: "Enlist today. Don't let it be said that a Brown had to be drafted!" And he did.

1919 March 9, Wednesday

18 year old Angela Gavaldon married Orson Pratt Brown (using the Mexican translation of his own name "Silvestre Moreno") (55) in Las Cruces, Dona Ana, New Mexico. They moved to Ciudad Juárez where he was employed by the U.S. War Finance Corporation to protect their cattle interests in the Santa Clara Valley, Mexico.

1919 April 10

Venustiano Carranza had Emiliano Zapata assassinated

1919 June 28

World War I ends with Treaty of Versailles signed.

1919 December 17

First child by Angela, Silvestre Gustavo Brown, born in Ciudad Juárez, MX

Orson was told 'Silvestre' was the translation for 'Orson',  'Gustavo' for Gustavo Madero, the brother of Francisco I. Madero.


Venustiano Carranza killed during a revolt led by Alvaro Obregon in Tlaxcaltongo, Puebla after fleeing Mexico City during a rebellion


Alvaro Obregon became President of Mexico from 1920 to 1924.

1920 May 12

Eliza obtained a civil and church divorce from Orson. One of Orson's sympathetic cousins introduced her to another cousin, Myron A. Abbott. He and Eliza were married in September 2, 1920, lived in Sutherland, Utah until Myron's death c.1930.

1921 Spring

Mattie is living in SLC with Tony, Phoebe, and little Orson.  The two boys sold newspapers to earn a living. Uncle Junius Romney and Uncle Gaskel helped her out.


Warren G. Harding is President of the U.S. (until 1923)


Jane gathered her family (Grandmother Emma, daughters Martha "Betty" and Emma, and sons Pratt Orson and Porfie) and moved to San Jose, CA to be near her son Grant who was working there as part of a surveying team for the State of California.  Jane worked as a nurse in San Jose.

1921 December 15

Orson announced that the land belonging to the Mormon colonists in Colonia Morelos had just been sold to the Obregón Mexican Federal government for the sum of $100, 000 U.S. currency.

1922 May 7

Orson P. Brown, High Priest, El Paso Ward, St. Joseph Stake, was excommunicated from the Church.

1922 July 31

Second child by Angela, Bertha Irma Brown, born in Ciudad Juárez, MX


Calvin Coolidge is President of U.S. (until 1929)

1923 July 20

Pancho Villa met a similar fate as Carranza

1924 January 29

Third child by Angela, Pauly Gabaldón Brown, born in Ciudad Juárez, MX


Plutarco Elías Calles (1877-1945) President of Mexico from 1924 to 1928.

1925 March 26

Orson Pratt Brown re-baptized into the Church after his excommunication. He was baptized by his good friend Bishop Arwell Pierce and confirmed by his very true and good friend, Brother Thomas Kimball of Thatcher, Arizona, at El Paso, Texas.

It is interesting to note that Orson's two children, Bertha and Pauly, born while he was out of the church, were the first of his children from his marriage of that period, to pass away.

1925 July 29

Fourth child by Angela, Saul Aaron Brown, born in Ciudad Juárez, MX.


Orson moved Angela and four children from Juárez to Namiquipa, Chihuahua, a small mining town, then later to Colonia Dublán.


Orson moved to Colonia Dublán beginning again his appreciation and sense of the blessings of the Gospel. In Dublán he presided over the Mexican Branch.

1927 June 15

Fifth child by Angela, Maria Angela Brown, born in Colonia Dublán, MX.


Mexican President-elect Alvaro Obregón was assassinated after his re-election to

the presidency before he could take office.


Plutarco Elias Calles appointed Emilio Portes Gil to the Mexican Presidency.  Calles continued to rule behind the scenes through a series of presidents hand-picked by him until 1934 when Lazaro Cardenas assembled a leftist coalition that overthrew Calles and drove him into exile in 1936.


Herbert C. Hoover is President of U.S. (until 1933).


Orson working in El Paso


U.S. Stockmarket crash.

1929 March 30

Angela was baptized by Nephi Thayne

Confirmed by Jose Ontiveros, Orson's counselor in the Branch Presidency.


 U.S. Stockmarket Crash


(Depression Years


Orson working in El Paso.

Eliza Skousen Brown Abbott's second husband Myron Abbott died. Eliza moves back to Alpine, Arizona to live with her brother Erastus and his family.

1930 March 1

Church Centennial April 6, 1830



1930 April 11

Orson (67) received a letter from his son Miles, asking him to come to the Centennial celebration in Salt Lake City. Miles sent Orson fifty dollars and said he had told the other boys to do the same and was sure they would; Orson was accompanied by Brothers Keeler, Pierce and Call to Salt Lake City to the Centennial.

While he was there Orson met with Apostle Anthony W. Ivins in his office and was told by Ivins that he had been instructed by President Heber J. Grant to confer upon Orson all his former blessings. He laid his hands on Orson's head and gave him all of his blessings, reconfirmed him as a High Priest, and resealed his wives to him, and also their 25 + the 2 Webb children.

Orson's fourth wife, Eliza (c1930 or 1946?) went to the temple and renewed her marriage vows to Orson, the father of her children and her beloved companion for all eternity.

1930 July 15

Miles married Florence May Wilde (11-30-1955 were sealed in SLC)


Miles told Orson "that in spite of his faults, I loved him very much and that I personally forgave him of all he had done wrong, and felt that had I been in his shoes, I would have done worse. He said to me, 'Son, you are the most tolerant man I have ever known'"

1930 c. October

Angela Brown served as Mexican Branch Relief Society President (17 yrs)

1931 February 28

Orson appointed as President of Dublán Branch ('til March 24, 1945)

1932 August 20

Orson wrote in this diary that he was living among the Mexican Saints in Colonia Dublán. Bore his testimony and stated that we are useful in this life only according to the service we render to others.


Franklin D. Roosevelt is President of U.S. (until 1945)


Mexican President ?

1934 September 23

Orson's friend, Anthony Tony Ivins died of a heart attack at age of 82.


Orson (72) is dragged out of his home in the middle of the night by the Cortada (Rurales) and taken to the mountains for punishment and then rescued by the brethren of the Church.


Orson, 72, suffered a horse stampede on his buggy, lost one eye (wore a glass eye from then on), broke many bones, sustained great injuries. His mother had told him after his 1903 accident that he would live to be 83 so he was confident of a recovery.

1936 February 6

Sixth child by Angela, Heber Jedediah Brown, born in Colonia Dublán and died at birth. Orson is 73, Angela is 36.


Mexican President? Lazaro Cardenas assembled a leftist coalition that overthrew Calles' behind the scene rule and drove Calle into exile.

1940 July 29

Martha Gabaldón, infant daughter of Angela's sister, Guadalupe and husband Rafael, was born and soon adopted by Angela and Orson P. Brown

1940 April or October

Orson Pratt Brown, then 77 years old, and his fifth wife, Angela Gabaldon Brown, age 40, traveled by train from Mexico to attend Church General Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. They stayed at the home of his son Miles, and his wife Florence, at 269 Westminster Ave. in SLC. They stopped in San Francisco to visit Orson's second wife, Jane Galbraith in the hospital suffering from breast cancer. The also visited Orson and Jane's daughters, Betty (Martha) and Emma Jean.  Orson and Angela both reported that they had a very pleasant meeting with Jane and that Betty and Emma treated them royally.

1941 October 2

Angela was endowed, and Orson was re-endowed, in the SLC Temple.

(Angela was sealed to Orson Pratt Brown in Salt Lake Temple here or in 1968 by proxy?)

1942 March 9

Orson paid tribute at Joseph Charles Bentley's funeral in Colonia Dublán.

1943 January 16

Orson's first wife Martha Diane Romney died (72)

1944 c.May 25

Aaron S. Brown graduated from Juárez Academy. First of Orson's children to do so.

1944 August 1

Orson's second wife Jane "Jennie" Bodily Galbraith died (65) from breast cancer and its complication coronary occlusion, in Napa State Hospital in San Francisco, CA. Tulocay Crematorium in Napa cremated her.


Harry S. Truman is President of U.S. (until 1953)

1945 March 24

Orson released as President of Dublán Branch, served for 14 years.

1945 May 21

George A. Smith became 8th President of Church after Heber Jeddy Grant died May 14, 1945

1945 May 25

Mary Angela Brown graduated from Juárez Academy just after Orson's 82nd birthday. They had a big double celebration.  Aaron had graduated the year before. Mary graduated a year ahead of schedule. She was his second child to graduate from JSA.

1945 October 2

Son by Mattie, Ray Brown died at age of 53.

1946 January 18

Bertha Brown married Everardo Navas de Molina (11-01-1921)

Pauly G. Brown married Lilia Gonzalez (8-19-1927)

Double wedding, sealed in Mesa, Arizona Temple.  Beautiful reception provided by Orson's 4th wife Eliza Skousen Brown and her daughters Gwen, Anna and Elizabeth. Orson and Angela could not attend due to his illness.

1946 March 10

Orson P. Brown died at age of 82 years and ten months, Angela was 45 years old.

Angela, María and Martha continued to live in the farmhouse on the Dublán farm until her sons Gustavo and Aaron made arrangements to move them to El Paso.

1946 November 6


Arwell Pierce knelt as proxy for Orson while the family was sealed in the Mesa Arizona Temple.

1948 December 29

Angela's eldest son, Gustavo (29) married Emma Tarin (4-30-1925/ 23)

1951 April 9

David O. McKay became 9th President of Church after George A. Smith died April 4, 1951


Dwight D. Eisenhower is President of U.S. (until 1961)


Aaron helps Angela sell her farm in Dublán and buy a home in El Paso.

1954 June 7

Angela's youngest son, Aaron Brown (29) married Jessie LaVirl Whitsell (3-31-30/ 24).

30 Nov 1955

Mattie's son Miles and Florence W. Brown were sealed in the SLC Temple.

1958 March 24

Orson's fourth wife, Eliza Skousen Brown (56) passed away (probably from cancer) in Mesa, Arizona, after having her marriage and sealing reinstated to Orson.


John F. Kennedy is President of U.S., assassinated November 22, 1963.

Lyndon Baines Johnson becomes President of U.S. (until 1969).

1963 April 11

Apostle Brigham Young, Jr. died

1967 June 20th

Orson's fifth wife, Angela Gabaldon (66 + ten mo.) died in El Paso, Texas

1968 January 20

Angela was sealed to Orson, by proxy, in the Arizona Temple, Mesa, AZ.

1968 November 2

Bertha, Orson's daughter, was sealed to Orson, by proxy, in the Arizona Temple, Mesa, AZ.

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