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Orson Pratt Brown and Angela Gabaldón Brown's Daughter

Mary Angela Brown Green
Mary Angela Brown Hayden Green

Born: June 15, 1927 in Colonia Dublán, Chihuahua, Mexico
Died: February 12, 2011 in Mesa or Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona

The Autobiography of Mary Angela Brown

Mary Angela Brown as a teenager

Mary Angela Brown Hayden Gree in June 2003June 2003

I am the last daughter to Orson Pratt Brown and Angela Brown. I was given the namesake for my grandmother and mother. I was born in Colonia Dublán, Chih. Mexico the 15th of June 1927.

Orson Pratt Brown, my father born the 22nd of May 1863, was the son of Capt. James Brown who was born of Irish and Scottish ancestors North Carolina. His father fought in the revolutionary war for George Washington. James Brown was Ogden's founder and a close friend of prophet Joseph Smith.

My mother was Angela Gabaldón Brown. She was the last wife of Orson Pratt Brown. She was born in Ciudad Jimenez, Chih. The 10th of August, 1900. Her parents were born of spanish and french ancestry.

My brothers and sisters were Silvestre Gustavo, Bertha, Pauly, Aaron, and Martha. My father was 65 years old when I was born and my mother was 27. My father was one of the early stalwarts who helped establish the mormon colonies in Mexico. He was given the privilege of entering into the sacred, holy law of plural marriage and had 4 wives, however in 1912 when the revolution took place in Mexico, all the families left for the U.S. to seek protection. My father could not travel with his family, polygamy was no longer permitted and he stayed to work with the diplomats to secure a safe place for these families to return. The families had suffered such grief and lost their homes and all they had and no longer desired to return. Everyone's life was overturned and much suffering came from this exodus.

It was during this time that father lost his families. In 1919, 7 years after the tragedy of the exodus he met a fair, beautiful woman who he married on March 8, 1919. She was my mother, Angela. He decided to return back to the colonies about 1925 from Ciudad Juárez - El Paso. I was born in the colonies in 1927.

Father was re-baptized the 26th of March 1925 by Arwell Pierce in El Paso, Texas. Brother Pierce was the mission president in Mexico where Gustavo, Bertha and Aaron served their missions.  Later in the Mesa Arizona Temple he knelt by proxy for my father when our family was sealed the 6th of Nov. 1946. He was more than a friend to my father, he was his brother's keeper.

In 1929 Father attended the Centennial celebration of the arrival into the valley of Salt Lake City  by the Mormon pioneers. Pres. Ivins instructed by President Grant to confer upon father all his blessings and resealed his wives and children to him. When he returned to Dublán he was called to be bishop of the Mexican Branch and served for 15 years. Father recaptured his place in the community and was able to help the Mexican Mormons to enter the school system of the church and become accepted more openly for who they were, however the American Mormons had the idea that they were superior and discriminated against the Mexicans and everyone suffered from these problems.

Mother was taught the gospel and was baptized the 30th of March 1929. She became the relief society president and our family attended the Mexican branch where father was bishop. Mother and my sister Bertha were great assets to the spiritual and social life of the branch. Mother would follow three act plays and Bertha would make the outfits and rehearse songs and music. Overnight picnics were planned and all the food and essentials were prepared by the relief society and all activities were so special as they related to a good way of life.

Mother was a true pioneer who worked herself into the community and learned from her neighbors. She learned to make bread, including cinnamon rolls. Twice a week we prepared the dough in a big container, after mixing it and kneading it she would rub it with lard and cover it until the next morning. She would knead it again and make her loaves and leave them to rise. They were cooked in a wood stove oven and then placed in a large container and covered with a dish cloth and a lid. We all took turns in the preparation. When she ran out of yeast, we would buy another jar full of yeast and would keep the start by adding grated potatoes and sugar. What a wonderful treat it was when we came home- a slice of warm bread with butter and honey. Mother would make cakes with 7 minute frosting and homemade ice cream for our birthdays. During the summer she would can all kinds of fruit and would have a cellar full to keep us during the winter.

Mary and Bertha c. 1930

The chores were hard. Laundry was done once a week.  When a woman would come to do the job we had three tubs full of water. She would start a fire outside and fill a black kettle with water and bars of soap and boiled it. The first tub would have a wooden scrubber and hot soap, the other two tubs were to rinse. The clothes would be hung on the clothes line to dry.

The next day came the ironing and grandmother would do the mending. Mother would be taking care of the milk while she did this job. She would make cheese and churn butter and prepare the milk to sell. This was the nice profit for the household, including taking care of the chickens and the pigs. My job was to gather the eggs when I came home from school. The hens ran out in the morning and stayed in the orchard until they came home to roost. They would lay their eggs in the hay piles or in the barn. One time I stuck my hand in their nest and there was something soft that I got a hold of. It was a snake eating their eggs. I took my hand out and ran with my basket. Another thing happened to me was when the bull would get out of the corral. He was eating off of the grapevine. I went to shoo him away and he picked me up with his horns by my waist and threw me on top of our house. After that day, all the bulls and cows were de-horned.

I was blessed Sept. 11, 1927 by Anson B. Call, a patriarch for out Stake. I was baptized by Brother Candido Carvajal who was in charge of all baptisms in the Culto Verde Chapel. I was confirmed by my father, July 2, 1935.

My mother became the strength that father needed to carry on the legacy left to him by his Father, Capt. James Brown.

Mother prepared me to learn all kinds of crafts. She sent me to a seamstress who had taught my sister Bertha. Her name was Jesusita Ybarra she nicknamed me "La mama de los conejos" because my hair was so white. Later in life, when I came to the Colonies, I went to knock at her door. She asked, "Who is there?" I answered, "La mama de los conejos." She was elated. With me was my daughter with the same platinum hair I had.

When I ran errands for my mother, Sister Spencer, would sing to me - You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. My hair did more than I asked for. On occasions, when Mother took me to Jimenez to visit her mother, we would walk to the "mercado" to buy fruit. Everyone wanted to touch my hair! Soon I discovered that if I wore a knitted cap down to my ears, it would save me.!

Mother would have a nickname for most people she liked and regardless of how inadequate it was, they would answer to it. My name was very special--Missis Mary Guera-- On occasions she would sing --Yo tenia una missis Mary Guera--pero no sabia bailar (she didn't know how to dance) at which time I would pick up the tune and whirled around kicking up a storm, she was thrilled to see me perform. That was a command!

At night mother would read to us from the scriptures and from fairytale books. We would also make skits by placing a sheet hanging from the ceiling and making shadows against the light, moving our hands and objects.

I attended grade school through the 8th grade in Dublán and went to Colonia Juárez (Juárez Stake Academy) for High School. We rode a very old school bus and if we were lucky we would get there on time. It took at least an hour. My favorite teacher was Bryant Clark. He taught Chemistry. Also Moroni Abegg who taught typing and bookkeeping. I loved his class so much that I would study by coal-oil lamp until the wee hours of the morning and it was time to run & catch the bus. I made good grades and graduated ahead of my class in three years, in May 25, 1945.

JSA Class of 1945 - Mary Brown graduation

My father had his birthday May 22, 1945. At one time in his life when he was near death, a promise was given to him by the Lord that he should not fear as his life would be extended until he was 83! We celebrated his birthday and all the friends and church members came. My dear father yearned to see me graduate, it was something he wanted to see before he died.  It was my privilege to kneel by his beside every night and after he said his prayer he held my hand and taught me how to pray and he gave me his blessing.

My sister Bertha who had returned from her mission was engaged at the same time my brother Pauly was planning to marry.  They decided for a double wedding and in Jan. 1946 they were married. Bertha made all the dresses for the wedding. I was her maid of honor.  We had such a wonderful time. Father danced with the brides and with mother. It was a great event. They were married at the Mesa Arizona Temple. Soon after the wedding father took ill and after two months of watching over him day and night, on March 10, 1946 our beloved father passed away at home. Father was 83 years old true to the vision that was given to him. Pauly & Lily came from Arizona. Bertha was in Mexico and was not able to attend,  Aron was given special permit from his Mission president to come to the funeral, Gustavo and I were by his bedside when he left us. Mother was left a widow at 46 years old. Martha was a little girls and was a great comfort to her.  Most of the members of the church and friends from the area attended. Ray, Jr., his wife and son and his mother came from Chihuahua Mexico to pay their respect to such a loved man.

Gustavo who was the only man living with the family, was married the 29 of Dec. 1948.  He married Emma Tarin.  They remained in Colonia Dublán. He continued to work the farm and raise his family.

Looking back to the memories of the colonies, I know that having been raised there, was the rock foundation of my life and later for my children. I learned more in my young years, as how to cope with life experiences and hardships that made me strong.  My parents taught me that I could achieve anything that I determined to be.

When I graduated from High School I applied for a job at a new airline that had just opened in Nuevo Casas Grandes, a town which was about 4 miles away from Dublán.  I got the job and at the age of 18, became the City ticket agent and reservation employee.  We handled express cargo and International reservations, also sale of tickets with United Airlines, who was affiliated with Lamsa.  The only setback was having to walk to my job and back that long distance.  I won a bicycle in a raffle and peddled it everyday, taking my dress uniform in a bag.  Later a firm started a bus-line for passengers.  What a help this was.

My brother Aron came to visit us and offered me the opportunity to go back with him and attend BYU. I was thrilled to go and he was happy to pay my tuition.  This was the fall of 1950 and we returned to Dublán for Christmas.  Pauly & Lily were living in El Paso and I decided to take a job to save the money to return to school.  I worked for a lumberyard company that I had met when I was with the airline.  They needed me to fill orders to a Chihuahua lumber Co. & write correspondence in Spanish.

I applied for a job at El Paso National Bank and by the time I returned home that day I had been called to come and work for them.  My intentions were to work only that summer and return to college, but it didn't work that way.  Mother was not doing well and when Aron returned to Dublán, he brought Mother, Grandmother and Martha to El Paso, Texas. This move was the best route for all of us.  Aron helped find a place to live.  Gus was able to give Mother her part of the farm and we bought a house.  Aron built on to the garage to make an apartment with a separate entrance and private bath.  This worked in many forms- she could have her privacy or use it as a rental.  Bertha and her two little girls had come to El Paso from Toluca after a divorce from E. Navas.  We all lived together for a couple of years and everything went well.

Mary Brown marries John Denny Hayden September 12, 1953 in El Paso, Texas

I met and married a young service man, who was from Pennsylvania.  He had returned from the Korean War, where he had received a Purple Heart Medal and was now stationed at Ft.  Bliss, Tx.  His name was John Denny Hayden.  Because of his red hair, he was nicknamed, Red.

Red and I were married Sept. 12,1953.  My brother Gus, gave me away, my sister Bertha was my maid of honor, and my three brothers escorted my bridesmaids, my flower girls were Arlene Brown and Mary Alyce Brown, Bertha, my sister was married in 1953.  She married George Ronald Ferrara, a sergeant from Fort Bliss and very soon after he was transferred to Detroit, Michigan, which was his hometown.  She left with him and took her two little girls, Lucy and Arlene, with her.  How we missed them! George Ferrara Jr. was born, May 19,1955.  He was her first son, and was a beautiful child with blue eyes. The girls and two more sons made a great family.

In June 7,1954 Aron married Jessie Whitsell, a Southern Bell, from Mississipi.  They were married in the Salf Lake Temple.  The only family members were Orson Juarez Brown and, his wife.  Due to the distance our family could not attend. Mother felt Jesse was so beautiful, that she nicknamed her "El Encanto".

I continued to work at El Paso National Bank and my husband worked as Sports Director at Ft.  Bliss and also worked in the community as umpire and basketball coach.

In Sept. 29, 1954 our first born son was born.  We named him Edward John Hayden, my husband had promised his long time friend from Pennsylvania, that if he ever had a son he would name him after him-- Edward-and John was for his own name.  We were all so proud.  He was a beautiful baby.  His father was so proud of him.  My mother Angela, would hold him for hours and rock him to sleep in her arms.

Edward "Bunny" Hayden 1955 John Edward Hayden "Bunny" 1956

In 1956 we received a call from Uncle Rafael, telling us that Grandma Maria had died. Mother, Pauly, Lilly, Martha and I traveled to Chih.  Mexico to attend the funeral.  On the road approaching Chih., we ran into a lumber truck parked on the road and had a terrible accident, Mother received a broken arm, Pauly received fractures in his chest, I tore the bottom part of my lip and chin and received a wide cut in my face---head.  The car was totaled, we were taken to the hospital where my uncle and family came to see us as our trip was interrupted and were not able to continued.

On April 24,1957, the most beautiful baby girl was given to us by Heavenly Father.  We named her Helen Marie Hayden, namesake for her grandmother.  She had a pink complexion, platinum hair and blue eyes.  Her little brother ran to the refrigerator and brought her a large glass of cool-aid to  welcome his baby sister!  What a sweet way to welcome his baby sister! When we dressed her to bed in a candy stripped pajamas she looked like a candy doll and from then on Mother nicknamed her "Candy".  She was the most beautiful child and brought us great joy.

Helen Marie "Candy" Hayden 1957

In 1960-1962 I went to work at The First State Bank.  I worked as a vault teller until March when our wonderful son George Michael Hayden was born.  He was a beautiful child and my mother spoiled him.  One morning when he was being fed his vegetables, he would spit it right out, mother put some in the palm of her hand & spit it herself, throwing the bottle across the table and saying-poor baby why should he eat this stuff.! As he became a toddler he would take naps with her after lunch.  I was very blessed to have mother by me.  I was lucky to have good maids to clean and do the housework, but mother always supervised the safety and comfort of my children.  After Mickey was born, I worked at the Chelmont Bank, near our house.  When Mickey started school he would ride to work with me.  I opened my little drive-in door and put him in, I would go get my drawer money and come outside with it.  He would set my date in my stamps and then go to school, right around the block.  During my morning break, I would walk across the parking lot and walk to the cottage school to hear him read.  He was the apple of his daddy's eye and my pride and joy.

During their childhood, we had a great Ward at church; the activities were great.  One time each family would compete in a show.  I dressed Eddie, Candy and Mickey in western attire, all the same brown pants, shirt, and boots.  They sang-"These boots are made for walking!"  What a show!

Martha was called on a mission and mother had a hard time letting her baby go.  She missed her so much!  Martha was happy during her mission and we corresponded with her often.  When she returned she worked at a fashion store, she was able to buy a nice wardrobe.  She was a very pretty girl.  In 1964 she married Allan Gardner from Yuma AZ. I made her wedding dress and she looked so glamorous-lace and pearls on white satin.  Shortly after Martha married, Alan was enlisted in the army.  Her first-born baby was Tom Gardner.  Two other girls, Angela (namesake for mother) and Arlene were born.  In June 1967, Bertha's family and mine went to Cholla for vacation.  Mother stayed home, she never had the desire to go there.  My brother Gus was developing the resort and during that time he became estranged from his wife Emma.  They got a divorce and later Gus married Nubia.  They raised 6 children and made their home in Mesa, A-Z.  When we returned home, mother had a special tomato dish with dumplings.  She was very upset that we were all sun burned and rubbed our backs with oil.  We went to bed and next morning arose early to get ready for work.  Mickey was an early riser and was in the back terrace riding his tricycle; all of a sudden a huge turtle came across the patio.  He ran to call my mother through the back door, she would not answer him, so he went to the front door by the kitchen and told me what he had seen.  I became concerned that mother would not answer to him, so I went to the inside door to call her, no answer.  For a moment I thought that perhaps she had gone downtown, but realized it would be too early for that.  I went to the front window and was able to see that she was lying in her bed!

The worst of all had taken place.  Mother died in her sleep.  I called my sister Bertha and ask her to come over right away, that mother was very sick.  My children and the neighbor's children were sitting in the couch with big tears in their eyes, and when Bertha entered she didn't have to ask.  Mother was gone.  It was one of the greatest losses that I have ever experienced.  We never again saw the turtle that came to warn us of the tragedy.

Sept.28,1962, my telephone was interrupted to tell me that Red had suffered a heart attack. At the high top of the stadium, while broadcasting for radio station KHEY.

I was preparing the favors for Eddie's 8th birthday.  They asked me to meet them at Hotel Dieu     Hospital. I was devastated, Candy was only 5 and Mickey was 6 Months.  The fear of losing him was tremendous.  The Priesthood leaders annointed him that night and promised him the Lord would protect his life and he would be able to raise his children.  This promise provided me the assurance that he would survive.  During the next 14 years, he experienced minor assaults to his heart, but I lived with the assurance of that priesthood blessing given to him that frightful night. On one occasion that he returned to the hospital he told me that his mother had come to see him.  He appeared frightful and I told him that because his mother was a nurse by occupation, he appeared to see his mother.  He said, " no!  Mary, she was dressed in her blue suit and hat!"  I talked to the head nurse and she believed that he could be right and moved him to intensive care, and watched carefully!

The last Bank I worked for was The State National Bank.  I oversaw the auditing of foreign banks from 1970-July 1975. I worked as the armored car deposits supervisor, I handled the Motor Bank and main vault, where we handled more than I million dollars in cash and transfers daily.

Wanting to extend myself to the fullest I got my Real Estate License and sold real estate in the evenings and weekends.  I sold two properties, realized that it was too hard to separate the suspects from the prospects.  Later I worked with a 6 men crew from the bank to work the cash deposits from the racetrack. We were paid a very handsome salary because of the security involvement provided.

Eddie and Candy were now working.  After graduating from Burges High School, in El Paso, Texas, Eddie went to UTEP university and then prepared to go on his mission.  Candy prepared to attend BYU. 

On the 5th of July 1975, Red, myself, Eddie, Candy, and Mickey entered the Mesa Temple and were sealed for eternity. Red, Eddie, and I received our endowments. Eddie left for his mission in Australia and Candy left to attend BYU.

In Sept .15, 1975, I returned to work but this time not to any bank.  I applied to the El Paso, City, Country, Nutrition program.

When my sister Bertha, moved back to El Paso, after her divorce to Ronnie Ferrara, she found a job with social services and encouraged me to apply.  Without disclosing my relationship to my sister, I got the job.  It wasn't until several months later that I told my boss.  He asked me why I hadn't mentioned it when I applied, I simply told him that the application didn't ask for it and I wanted to get my job on my own qualifications.. He told me he would have to ask the County Judge if this was going to be a problem.  He informed us that there was no problem since we worked independent from each other.  This job turned up to be the most rewarding of all the jobs I had before.  The senior citizens were the most gracious patrons. They loved me and there was no stress in this job.

John Deney "Red" Hayden, Mickey Hayden, c. 1973

I worked from Sept 15, 1975 until March 31,1992, a total of 17 years.  I ran the nutrition center and the social part of it like a LDS program, and I was truly blessed by it.  They never knew that my administration came from my childhood guidance.  Every program for holidays I would copy from our church meetings.  The choir from our ward would come for Christmas and sing.  I was able to serve them meals for being volunteers.  The Burges High School Choir, where my son Mickey sang, came dressed in their uniform and delivered the most beautiful rendition.  Several of the Seniors wanted to adopt Mickey and wanted him to come back.  One lady would always have a gift for him.  I was a very proud Mother to see my son give of his talent. I would write plays in similarity to our church' ward programs and have them act the parts This inspired them tremendously, and would understand their sincere love and admiration they had for me.

I know that after so many years of stressful work at the banks, the Lord prepared this Job as a Director where I touched so many lives.  I was grateful to my sister Bertha for insisting in taking the job.  We had many years of getting groups together and enjoy each other as we directed programs.

Like the Lord promised Red was able to live long enough to raise his children.  Eddie was gone to Australia on his mission.  Candy was attending BYU, and Mickey was home working on his Eagle Scout.  I was working at the Senior Center, when On Feb. 6,1976, the bishop and wife came to my office to tell me that Red had been taken to the Beaumont Hospital and was very ill.  That day was the Western dance and party and I was all dressed up with jeans and boots and western hat.  I left in my car and as I traveled I had a bad feeling.  Red never wanted to go to Beaumont Hospital.  They must have taken him without him knowing.  When I entered the hospital, the doctor, Bro. Farnsworth met me, I asked him where my husband was, he walked me with his arm around me and said, " I am very sorry".  I knew then that he was gone! I told him that I wanted to see him, he discouraged the idea and said it would be better to see him later.  I insisted and wanted to see him.  There he was covered with a sheet.  As I witnessed his face, I fell to a chair with my hands covering my face and cried so hard that I couldn't get up. My husband, at the age of 45, was taken away to the Lord.  How we missed his direction and how was I going to tell my little Mickey that his Daddy was gone, they were such good buddies.  It would be hard to train my children without him.

Heidi, Kelley, Sheila, Ed, Kip and Kyle Hayden
December 1986 - Heidi, Kelley, Sheila Bodily, Ed, Kip and Kyle

Candy was able to come to the funeral, from BYU.  Eddie was advised not to attend.  It was hard for him and for us at home.  Candy was a lot of support.  My brothers and sisters and a lot of family members attended the funeral.  Our Ward members, neighbors and friends as well as the Fort Bliss Commander and officers were there.  He received a military ceremony and the American Flag was presented to me. However, it was hard to accept that this was true.

After her father died, Candy went to Hawaii to continue her BYU education.  Later she returned and she earned her degree as a registered nurse.  She stayed in El Paso and was the nurse in charge for Tonka factory.  Later she moved to Arizona to be a flight nurse.  When she left a part of me went with her.

Mickey graduated from Burges High School, and later went on a mission to Spain . I was happy that he would teach the Gospel in Spanish.  When he returned he had a problem with his knee and had to be in the hospital.  He then went to Utah, he met a beautiful girl named, Connie Clay, She was ready to graduate from BYU.  They came to El Paso after they married in the Salt Lake Temple, and Mickey went to UTEP and received his degree in engineering, later he received his Doctors Degree in Detroit, Mich.

Mickey and Connie with their children in 2001
George Michael "Mickey" Hayden, Angela, John, Connie c. 2001

I met Elmer Irvin Green in 1976, and after a year of courtship, we were married April 7, 1977 in El Paso, Texas.  He had two children, Mark 14 yrs (b. 1962), and Jennifer, ll years (b. 1965).  Their mother had died, August 6,1971 at 42 years of age. El had raised them all these years We got along fairly well.  I loved El and we tried to get our children to be happy.  We bought a cabin in Cloudcroft, N M. We would travel there to build on it and at the same time would vacation in the area.  Mark and Mickey were almost the same age and had fun together. 

Elmer Irwin Green and Mary Brown Hayden Green, c. 1977

El helped me with my job.  Fixing picnics, tours and entertainment.  He had been a Captain in the Fire Dept and had a lot of experience teaching the schools about safety and got along well with everybody,

El and his children were baptized LDS, and were very active in Seminary and Church activities.  Jennifer was happy in the young women's program and went to the Temple to baptize for the dead. Later many problems did arise when Jennifer became very rebellious and created problems in our marriage.  And in 1980 we separated with the intention of giving our children space to grow up.

Eddie, returned from his mission in August, 1977 and married Sheila Bodily, daughter of Ronald H. Bodily, in the Idaho Falls, Temple.  They returned to El Paso and we had a lovely reception for them. They bought a house and started their family.  Later he moved to Salt Lake and next to Portland Oregon.  They have 5 beautiful children, Heidi, Kyle, Kipp, Kelly and Hayley.

August the 5th 1983, El & I, remarried and he was able to help me with my job.  The Seniors loved him, and we were able to take them to Las Vegas, Nev.  They were able to visit all the places of interest, especially, the museum of Liberage.

In 1988  thru 1990 I was elected Silver Hair Legislator and we traveled to Austin for the summer  sessions to vote on senior issues.  The governor Richards and many dignitaries invited us for dinner and were escorted to and from by a police escort.  I learned a lot and enjoyed meeting all the important dignitaries from Austin, Texas.

When I retired in 1992, El and I bought a house at 30 Terrace Circle in High Rolls, N.M.  It had an acre of land and we soon found ourselves putting a fence around it and planting over a hundred trees, some were fruit trees and the rest were ornamental. He was a good builder and carpenter and re-did the small structure into double the size, using the best wood and cabinets, etc.  The altitude is 6700 above sea level but it is a moderate weather, not extremely cold, or hot.  We have beautiful scenery from the front mountains And enjoy living there.

30 Terrace Circle in Rolling Hills, New Mexico
30 Terrace Circle at corner of Highway 82 just before entering Cloudcroft, NM from the west

We sold our properties in El Paso, Tx. and enjoyed traveling to the different places where our children have settled.  Mickey and Connie have two beautiful children, John 15 and Angela 13, they have been loving and dear to us. We visited them in North Carolina, Chicago, San Diego,  and surrounding areas like Washington D. C., Charlotte & went to Nauvoo twice.  We also have traveled to the Orson Pratt Brown Reunions.  Colonia Dublan, Mesa, Ariz, El Paso, Tx., Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Ogden Utah, Hinckley, Utah, Utah, and San Diego, Calif.

Bertha died Dec 16,1979 In El Paso, Tx, at the young age of 57.  Pauly was very active in church and him and Lily served two missions in Guatemala He was a Seventy and loved the Gospel.  Sadly we lost him August 12th 1998.  They were my beloved sister and brother and will miss them, forever.

In 1996, Candy and her friend Sandy came to our mountain home and decorated all of the many pine trees for a Christmas decoration display. Santa was sitting in our red wagon, the angel with the trumpet was shining with flood lights out or the veranda on the 2nd floor.  There were deer pulling Santa. The whole house was a show place.  El and I invited all the family and we celebrated Gus's birthday on the 17 and Nubia on the 19.  We had a wonderful spiritual time.  We fixed a pageant with the three wise men, (my three brothers), Mary & Joseph, ( Martha & Alan), the Angel (Alene Gardner). The shepherds, ( El & his son Mark), the chorister (Marina Bowman) . I will forever be grateful to Candy for preparing the background with the beautiful lights for this celebration.  Elena Pratt Brown, Lily Bond and all the girls helped with the meals & refreshments.

In June 1997, my children and El prepared a surprise Party for my 70th birthday in El Paso, Tx.  Candy has a way of getting things together.  She had a sit down dinner for all the guests.  A huge cake and "The Mariachis" for music.  All my neighbors and close friends attended and it was really a very festive time.  Of course I was the center of attention, and everyone danced with me. All my family had a special table and the decorations gave the party a real special time.

June 24, 2001, we were invited to Eddie's house for a farewell to their son, Edward Kyle as he prepared to leave for his mission.  Heidi Lin also graduated from College in 2001 from USU.  Oct. 20, 2002, Kipp Ian, also left for his mission in Chile.  Eddie took care of all the expense to make the trips and we were so grateful to be able to attend.  Sheila prepares the best food and refreshments and it was fun to see so many young friends come.

The 15 of June 2002, now celebrating my 75th birthday, again the surprise of my life, Candy, organized another party.  My three children flew in to El Paso, and came to N.M. to The Edge of Texas Restaurant. We had piles of shrimp and great steaks. I was also presented with gold jewelry and black pearls.  The moment will always be in my heart.

We have had many visits to Mick and Connie's house especially for the holidays.  And have enjoyed their hospitality so very much.

My greatest accomplishment in life was for The Lord to put in our care our two sons and my daughter.  They are indeed my Jewels and my Treasures," and the light of my life.

2005 - Mary and Elmer are in the process of selling their home in Cloudcroft in order to move to Tucson, Arizona. This puts them closer to Mary's unmarried daughter Candy who works as a paramedic and lived in Scotsdale, Arizona. Eventually Mary lived with Candy for a while.

2010 Nov - Mary and Elmer were again separated, this time by Mary's children. Mary was placed in a care facility while El drove himself to his son's house. When Mary was visited by relatives she emotionally told them how much she missed him and that it had been nearly a year since she had spoken to him. The relative pulled out a cellphone and dialed El's phone. The happiness on Mary's face and in her voice glowed as she spoke to her sweetheart on the phone. Mary was deeply grateful for this compassionate favor to speak to her El again.

Mary passed away on February 12, 2011. Her brother Aaron passed away on May 31, 2011.


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Autobiography of Mary Angela Brown Hayden Green.

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and spelling of Phebe Abbott Brown Fife's name
after it was proofed by this author)
Researched and Compiled by
Erold C. Wiscombe

... Published 2012:
"Finding Refuge in El Paso"
By Fred E. Woods [ISBN: 978-1-4621-1153-4]
Includes O.P Brown's activities as Special Church Agent in El Paso
and the Juarez Stake Relief Committee Minutes of 1912.

...Published 2012:
"Colonia Morelos: Un ejemplo de ética mormona
junto al río Bavispe (1900-1912)"
By Irene Ríos Figueroa [ISBN: 978-607-7775-27-0]
Includes O.P. Brown's works as Bishop of Morelos. Written in Spanish.

...Published 2014:
"The Diaries of Anthony W. Ivins 1875 - 1932"
By Elizabeth Oberdick Anderson [ISBN: 978-156085-226-1]
Mentions O.P. Brown more than 30 times as Ivins' companion.

... To be Published Soon:

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...Gustavo Brown Family Reunion in October 2007

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...... Biographical Sketch of the Life Orson Pratt Brown
...... History of Orson Pratt Brown by Orson P. Brown
...... Journal & Reminiscences of Capt. Orson P. Brown
...... Memories of Orson P. Brown by C. Weiler Brown
...... Orson Pratt Brown by "Hattie" Critchlow Jensen
...... Orson Pratt Brown by Nelle Spilsbury Hatch
...... Orson Pratt Brown by W. Ayrd Macdonald

- Captain James Brown 1801-1863

...... Wives and 29 / 43 Children Photo Chart
...... Captain James Brown's Letters & Journal
...... Brown Family Memorabilia
...... Mormon Battalion 1846-1847
...... Brown's Fort ~ then Brownsville, Utah
...... Chronology of Captain James Brown

- Phebe Abbott Brown Fife 1831-1915

- Colonel William Nicol Fife - Stepfather 1831-1915


- James Brown of Rowan County, N.C. 1757-1823

- Mary Williams of Rowan County, N.C. 1760-1832

- Stephen Joseph Abbott of, PA 1804-1843

- Abigail Smith of Williamson, N.Y. 1806-1889

- John Fife of Tulliallan, Scotland 1807-1874

- Mary Meek Nicol, Carseridge, Scotland 1809-1850 


- Martha "Mattie" Diana Romney Brown 1870-1943

- Jane "Jennie" Bodily Galbraith Brown 1879-1944

- Elizabeth Graham MacDonald Webb Brown 1874-1904

- Eliza Skousen Brown Abbott Burk 1882-1958

- Angela Maria Gavaldón Brown 1919-1967


- (Martha) Carrie Brown (child) 1888-1890

- (Martha) Orson Pratt Brown, Jr. (child) 1890-1892

- (Martha) Ray Romney Brown 1892-1945

- (Martha) Clyde Romney Brown 1893-1948

- (Martha) Miles Romney Brown 1897-1974

- (Martha) Dewey B. Brown 1898-1954

- (Martha) Vera Brown Foster Liddell Ray 1901-1975

- (Martha) Anthony Morelos Brown 1904-1970

- (Martha) Phoebe Brown Chido Gardiner 1906-1973

- (Martha) Orson Juarez Brown 1908-1981

- (Jane) Ronald Galbraith Brown 1898-1969

- (Jane) Grant "Duke" Galbraith Brown 1899-1992

- (Jane) Martha Elizabeth Brown Leach Moore 1901-1972

- (Jane) Pratt Orson Galbraith Brown 1905-1960

- (Jane) William Galbraith Brown (child) 1905-1912

- (Jane) Thomas Patrick Porfirio Diaz Brown 1907-1978

- (Jane) Emma Jean Galbraith Brown Hamilton 1909-1980

- (Elizabeth) (New born female) Webb 1893-1893

- (Elizabeth) Elizabeth Webb Brown Jones 1895-1982

- (Elizabeth) Marguerite Webb Brown Shill 1897-1991

- (Elizabeth) Donald MacDonald Brown 1902-1971

- (Elizabeth) James Duncan Brown 1904-1943

- (Eliza) Gwen Skousen Brown Erickson Klein 1903-1991

- (Eliza) Anna Skousen Brown Petrie Encke 1905-2001

- (Eliza) Otis Pratt Skousen Brown 1907-1987

- (Eliza) Orson Erastus Skousen Brown (infant) 1909-1910

- (Eliza) Francisco Madera Skousen Brown 1911-1912

- (Eliza) Elizabeth Skousen Brown Howell 1914-1999

- (Angela) Silvestre Gustavo Brown 1919-

- (Angela) Bertha Erma Elizabeth Brown 1922-1979

- (Angela) Pauly Gabaldón Brown 1924-1998

- (Angela) Aaron Aron Saul Brown 1925

- (Angela) Mary Angela Brown Hayden Green 1927

- (Angela) Heber Jedediah Brown (infant) 1936-1936

- (Angela) Martha Gabaldón Brown Gardner 1940


- Stephen Abbott Brown 1851-1853

- Phoebe Adelaide Brown Snyder 1855-1930

- Cynthia Abigail Fife Layton 1867-1943

- (New born female) Fife 1870-1870

- (Toddler female) Fife 1871-1872


- (Martha Stephens) John Martin Brown 1824-1888

(Martha Stephens) Alexander Brown 1826-1910

(Martha Stephens) Jesse Stowell Brown 1828-1905

- (Martha Stephens) Nancy Brown Davis Sanford 1830-1895

(Martha Stephens) Daniel Brown 1832-1864

(Martha Stephens) James Moorhead Brown 1834-1924

(Martha Stephens) William Brown 1836-1904

(Martha Stephens) Benjamin Franklin Brown 1838-1863

(Martha Stephens) Moroni Brown 1838-1916

- (Susan Foutz) Alma Foutz Brown (infant) 1842-1842

- (Esther Jones) August Brown (infant) 1843-1843

- (Esther Jones) Augusta Brown (infant) 1843-1843

- (Esther Jones) Amasa Lyman Brown (infant) 1845-1845

- (Esther Jones) Alice D. Brown Leech 1846-1865

- (Esther Jones) Esther Ellen Brown Dee 1849-1893

- (Sarah Steadwell) James Harvey Brown 1846-1912

- (Mary McRee) George David Black 1841-1913

- (Mary McRee) Mary Eliza Brown Critchlow1847-1903

- (Mary McRee) Margaret Brown 1849-1855

- (Mary McRee) Mary Brown Edwards Leonard 1852-1930

- (Mary McRee) Joseph Smith Brown 1856-1903

- (Mary McRee) Josephine Vilate Brown Newman 1858-1917

- (Phebe Abbott) Stephen Abbott Brown (child) 1851-1853

- (Phebe Abbott) Phoebe Adelaide Brown 1855-1930

- (Cecelia Cornu) Charles David Brown 1856-1926

- (Cecelia Cornu) James Fredrick Brown 1859-1923

- (Lavinia Mitchell) Sarah Brown c. 1857-

- (Lavinia Mitchell) Augustus Hezekiah Brown c. 1859


- (Diane Davis) Sarah Jane Fife White 1855-1932

- (Diane Davis) William Wilson Fife 1857-1897

- (Diane Davis) Diana Fife Farr 1859-1904

- (Diane Davis) John Daniel Fife 1863-1944

- (Diane Davis) Walter Thompson Fife 1866-1827

- (Diane Davis) Agnes Ann "Aggie" Fife 1869-1891

- (Diane Davis ) Emma Fife (child) 1871-1874

- (Diane Davis) Robert Nicol Fife (infant) 1873-1874

- (Diane Davis) Barnard Fife (infant) 1881-1881

- (Cynthia Abbott) Mary Lucina Fife Hutchins 1868-1950

- (Cynthia Abbott) Child Fife (infant) 1869-1869

- (Cynthia Abbott) David Nicol Fife 1871-1924

- (Cynthia Abbott) Joseph Stephen Fife (child) 1873-1878

- (Cynthia Abbott) James Abbott Fife (infant) 1877-1878


- (Diana) Caroline Lambourne 18461979

- (Diana)  Miles Park Romney 1843-1904

- (Jane) Emma Sarah Bodily 1858-1935

- (Jane) William Wilkie Galbraith 1838-1898

- (Elizabeth) Alexander F. Macdonald 1825-1903

- (Elizabeth) Elizabeth Atkinson 1841-1922

- (Eliza) Anne Kirstine Hansen 1845-1916

- (Eliza) James Niels Skousen 1828-1912

- (Angela) Maria Durán de Holguin 1876-1955

- (Angela) José Tomás Gabaldón 1874-1915












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