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Orson Pratt Brown's Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother

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Samuel and Eveline Sibbett

Eveline Brown Jones Sibbett

Born: March 6, 1865 or August 6, 1872 in Utah
Died: about 8 Sept 1908 at West Weber. Utah

Samuel Alexander Sibbett

Born: May 4, 1854 at Funkstown, Quincy, Franklin, Pennsylvania
Died: May 1, 1935 at Soda Springs, Caribou, Idaho

Eveline Brown is the daughter of John Martin Brown I and Almeda Wilson. Eveline was born 6 March 1872 at West Weber, Weber, Utah. She was the fifth child born to John Martin Brown and Almeda Wilson.

John Martin Brown I, born 29 Jun 1824, Flat Creek Swamp, Rowan, North Carolina; died 13 Oct 1888, West Weber, Weber, Utah; buried at Ogden, Weber, Utah.

Almeda Wilson Brown was born 19 Apr 1838, Tinney Grove, Caldwell, Missouri; died 7 Oct 1922, Ogden, Weber, Utah; buried at Ogden, Weber, Utah.

Eveline’s paternal grandfather, Captain James Brown, was Captain of “C” Company of the Mormon Battalion. He was the founder of Ogden, Utah. Her maternal grandfather was Lewis Dunbar Wilson. He was a member of the High Council of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at Nauvoo, Illinois, and a bodyguard for Joseph Smith. His name is mentioned in the Doctrine of Covenants—Section 24—Verse 132.

Eveline Brown married her first husband,(1) Joseph Hyrum Jones on February 10, 1890. Joseph and Eveline were divorced on 21 Sep 1896. They had three chilldren [After the marriage of Samuel and Eveline, William (8) and Alvin (2) took the Sibbett name and carried this name to their graves]:

1) James William (Bill) Jones [Sibbett], born 22 Feb 1888, West Weber, Weber, UT; died 5 Sept 1948, Pocatello, Bannock, ID; buried at Riverside-Thomas Cemetery, Bingham, ID; married Virginia Henderson in 1934, Fort Smith, Sebastian, Arkansas. Virginia, was born 23 Jul 1893; died 28 Jan 1994, Longview, Cowlitz, WA.
Virginia was a mail-order bride. Bill and his nephew, Darlo Sibbett, went to Fort Smith to meet Virginia. They stayed for two weeks. During this time, Bill and Virginia were married. They returned to Idaho with Virginia’s two children Jackie and Willie. Bill never had any children of his own.

2) Joseph W. Jones, born 11 Feb 1893, West Weber, Weber, UT; died 14 March 1893; buried at the Ogden City Cemetery, Ogden, Weber, UT.

3) Alvin Lewis Jones [Sibbett], born 2 Jul 1894, Snowville, Box Elder, UT; died 2 Jul 1983, Rupert, Minidoka, ID; buried at Rupert Cemetery, Rupert, Minidoka, ID; married Olive Almeda Hansen on 5 Apr 1917, Preston, Bingham, ID. Olive Almeda was born 11 Jan 1897, Soda Springs, Caribou, ID; died 4 Oct 1982, Rupert, Minidoka ID; buried at Rupert Cemetery, Rupert, Minidoka, ID.
Alvin and Olive had three sons:
Dail Alvin Jones, born 12 Jan 1918, Shelley, Bingham, ID; died 8 May 2003, Logan, Cache, UT; buried at Providence City Cemetery, Cache, UT; married (1) LeOra Peterson Hopkins in Sep 194l, Rupert, Minidoka, ID, (Div); married (2) Fern Anna Leonhardt Jones on 19 Sep 1959. Fern Anna, born 22 Aug 1917, Providence, Cache, UT.
Darlo Melton Jones, born 17 Jul 1920, Shelley, Bingham, ID; married Ilene Margaret Lowder on 1 Jan 1942, Soda Springs, Caribou, ID. Ilene Margaret, born 7 Sep 1918, Rupert, Minidoka, ID.
Delmar Hans Jones, born 15 Aug 1924, Preston, Bingham, ID; died 19 Jan 1996, Boise, Ada, ID; buried at Rupert City Cemetery, Rupert, ID; married (1) Doris Emma Ashton on 2 Oct 1943, Soda Springs, Caribou, ID, (Div). Doris Emma, born 15 Mar 1925, Woodruff, Oneida, ID; died 15 Feb 1987; buried at Portage, Box Elder, UT. Married (2) Lola Joan Comish on 19 May 1956 at American Falls, Power, ID. Lola Joan, born 31 Oct 1935, Magna, Salt Lake, UT

Later Eveline Brown Jones married.(2) Samuel Alexander Sibbett on 27 Sep 1896 at Gray's Lake, Bingham, Idaho. They were married by one of the homesteaders, Harry Field, who was a Justice of the Peace. Samuel was a large man and weighed 220 pounds.

Samuel had been born 4 May 1854 at Funkstown, Quincy, Franklin, PA, of Pennsylvania Dutch/Deutsch/German heritage. He was the second child born to Hugh Greenfield Sibbett and Hannah LaBelle Robison Sibbett. Samuel was named after his paternal grandfather, Samuel Sibbett, Jr. and maternal grandfather, Alexander Robison. Hugh Greenfield, born 5 Aug 1826, Duquesne, Franklin, PA; died 22 March 1896, Evanston, Unita, WY; buried at Evanston, Unita, WY. Hannah LaBelle, born 15 Sep 1825, Mont Alto, Franklin, PA; died 1863, Farmington, Davis, UT; buried at Farmington, Davis, UT.

On 7 May 1860, when Samuel was only 6 years old, his family left Pennsylvania and started west to Zion. They traveled by rail and water 2,000 miles landing in Florence, Nebraska. Here they camped for two weeks while arrangements were being made for the company; which was one of the last of the handcart companies to cross the plains. The company, as organized, comprised 233 persons, with 43 handcarts and 10 tents. Six wagons, with 38 oxen, accompanied the train. Daniel Robison (Samuel’s uncle) was chosen to lead the handcart train. The Ninth Handcart Company left Florence at one o’clock on 1 Jun 1860 and arrived at Great Salt Lake City on 27 Aug 1860. The journey had taken eleven weeks. Young Samuel, except for maybe an occasional ride in one of the wagons, had to walk all the way across the plains.

The Sibbett’s and Robison’s settled in the Farmington, Davis, Utah, and Morgan City, Morgan, Utah areas. It is said that Samuel Alexander worked to help build the Union Pacific Railroad through Echo Canyon, UT, during the years of 1868-1869 when he was just 14 or15 years old.

In 1879, Samuel Alexander, James and his family and their father Hugh Greenfield Sibbett left Morgan City and headed for Star Valley, Wyoming. Hugh Greenfield became sick and had to remain at Evanston, Wyoming, while the rest of the family moved on. The family arrived in Star Valley in August of 1879 and located on land just south of Auburn, Lincoln, Wyoming. They built their log cabin at the Warm Springs.

There was a real bad blizzard the winter of 1879 and the cabins were almost covered over. The snow was said to be from four to eight feet deep where it was level. Food was so scarce that keeping alive was a grave problem. People lived on wild game and some beaver meat. The few families had to pool what they had in order to live.

While the Sibbett family lived in Auburn, they saw thousands of head of cattle being driven over the Lander Cutoff Trail. James and Samuel, along with the other men of Auburn, helped drive the cattle. For pay they were given all the newborn calves.

In 1880, the Caribou Gold Mines were being worked and salt was hauled from Stump Creek to the Montana Mines. This was the making of the Lander’s Trail.

In June of 1882, the Sibbett’s left Star Valley because they had lost so many cattle the previous winter. Samuel and his neighbors had to cut grass with a scythe and stack it. This was the only feed for the survival of the cattle and horses. Sam, his brother James, David Robison (Sam and James’ uncle), Gideon Murphy, William C. Simmons and H. B. Simmons settled at Grays Lake, Bingham (now Bonneville), Idaho. They followed the Lander trail from Salt River and Stump Creek. The Sibbett and Robison families were among the first settlers of Gray’s Lake. The Sibbett’s settled at the south end of Gray’s Lake Valley. They built a log house and other buildings on the west side of the road from where the James Lowry Sibbett home is today.

In 1883, James contracted a mail route from Grays, Idaho, to the Chub Springs Ranch. Samuel Alexander carried the mail for James as James had a contract with the Caribou Mines to furnish beef, milk, butter and eggs for the camps there. The supplies were carried with pack horses. The snow was so deep in the winters the only way they could tell where the barn was was by the air holes they saw made from the horses breathing. They really had to dig out every day in the winter time.

In 1891, Samuel helped build James’ big log house at Grays Lake. This was covered with siding later and it still stands.

From 1893 to 1895, Samuel helped James dig the mile long ditch with hand shovels from Eagle Creek to the meadows to irrigate the wild hay for their stock. Samuel carried mail into the Caribou Mines on skiis for his brother James in 1893.

After their marriage in 1896, Samuel and Eveline bought the David Robison homestead and it was here they raised their family. Samuel was a road supervisor for the roads to the Caribou mines and those around Gray’s Lake.

After the mines at Caribou City were abandoned and people were advised to get out, the family of Pat and Kate Maloy and children tried to live in that winter. There was a three story house they called “The Green House” there in 1880-1885. The Maloy family became snowbound and were starving. Samuel took four head of horses on a sleigh with food and waded in snow up to his arm pits to reach Caribou City. He brought the family out. One of the boys, Emmett, broke the only lantern they had so there was no light at night. Some of the Maloy’s stayed with Samuel and Eveline until spring when they went back East.

All the Gray’s Lake people had Ellis Kackley as their doctor. He came to Soda Springs, Idaho, in 1898. It is told Samuel was the first man that Dr. Kackley met and that Samuel helped him get patients.

The 1900 census states at the time of the census date Eveline had given birth to seven children with five living. Samuel and Eveline had nine children; all born at Gray’s Lake.

Children of Eveline Brown Sibbett and Samuel Alexander Sibbett:

1) Samuel Laurie Sibbett, born 3 Aug 1897; died 23 Jan 1976, Pocatello, Bannock, ID; buried at Riverside-Thomas Cemetery, Bingham, ID. Samuel never married and had no children. He worked for the forest service, at a lookout, as a Smoke Chaser. He ran the post office at Myers Cove and had a dude ranch at Myers Cove, which specialized in pack trips into the Salmon wilderness areas.

2) Ila Irene Sibbett was born 23 August 1898. She married Wesley LaVern Grover on 17 Jan 1918, Basalt, Bingham, Idaho. however, Ila caught the flu, which was epidemic in 1918, and died on 3 Nov 1918; within a year of her marriage. She was pregnant with her first child which was due in March of 1919; buried at the Sutton Cemetery, Archer, Madison, ID;
Wesley LaVern, born 13 May 1894, Lyman, Fremont, ID; died 22 Sep 1955, Archer, Madison, ID; buried at Sutton Cemetery, Archer, Madison, ID.

3) Elva Sibbett, a twin, was born 9 August 1899. She married David Landon on 3 May 1916, Idaho Falls, Bonneville, ID. They had two girls. Ila Landon and Evelyn Landon, both lived to adulthood. Elva died 6 Oct 1979, Pocatello, Bannock, ID; buried at Basalt Cemetery, Bingham, ID; David Landon was born 19 Jan 1885, Portage, Box Elder, UT; died 25 Jan 1950, Portage, Box Elder, UT; buried at Portage, Box Elder, UT.
David and Elva had two daughters and two sons:

Elizabeth Eveline Landon, born 9 March 1917, Basalt, Bingham ID; died 26 Nov 1998, Twin Falls, Twin Falls, ID; buried at West End Cemetery, Buhl, Twin Falls, ID; married Myron Lenton Wilde on 21 Jan 1941, Carey, Blaine, ID. Myron Lenton, born 8 May 1921, Carey, Blaine, ID.

Ila Minolla Landon, born 18 Oct 1918, Goshen, Bingham, ID; died 16 Feb 1993, Pocatello, Bannock, ID; buried at Portage, Box Elder, UT; married (1) John Hans Knudsen on 5 Aug 1936, Brigham City, Box Elder, UT. John Hans, born 22 Dec 1913, Portage, Box Elder, UT; died 19 Dec 1953, Portage, Box Elder, UT; buried at Portage, Box Elder, UT. Married (2) Michael Isaac Wakley on 1 April 1949, Pocatello, Bannock, ID. Michael Isaac was born 11 Mar 1906, Downey, Bannock, ID; died 1 Dec 1981, Downey, Bannock, ID; buried at Downey, Bannock, ID.

Elmer Landon, born 21 Apr 1921, Shelley, Bingham, ID; died 24 Jul 1921, Shelley, Bingham, ID; buried at the Basalt Cemetery, Bingham, ID.

David Landon, born 15 Aug 1922, Shelley, Bingham, ID; died 15 Aug 1922, Shelley, Bingham, ID; buried at the Basalt Cemetery, Bingham, ID.

4) Elmer Sibbett, a twin, was born 9 August 1899 and died the same day. Gray’s Lake, Bonneville, ID; buried at the Gray Cemetery, Muir Road, Gray’s Lake, Bonneville, ID.

5) Elsie Sibbett was born 8 Mar 1901, and died in infancy on 16 Apr 1901, at Gray’s Lake, Bonneville, ID; buried at the Gray Cemetery, Muir Road, Gray’s Lake, Bonneville, ID.

6) Lee Delmar Sibbett, a twin, was born 23 May 1902. Lee was interested in airplanes. He made one that would fly. When Lee was only thirty-nine (23 April 1941) he was commissoned Admiral of the Flagship Fleet by American Airlines, Inc. He spent most of his life in Argentina teaching flying. Lee died 24 Aug 1978, Buenos Aires, Argentina; buried at Buenos Aires, Argentina; married (1) Emma and (2) Rosario R. Obligado. Lee never had any children.

7) Tressie Leona Sibbett, his twin, was born 23 May 1902. She married (1) Carey E. Gasper on 1 March 1921, Blackfoot, Bingham, ID (Div). Carey, born 5 Jun 1901, OK; died 3 May 1968, Kennewick, Benton, WA.
Carey and Tressie had a son and a daughter:
Charles Lee Gasper was born 15 Nov 1921, Presto, Bingham, ID; died 1 Dec 2004, Blackfoot, Bingham, ID; buried at Riverside-Thomas Cemetery, Bingham, ID; married Vivian Reese in 1946 (Div); (2) married Delores Faulkner (Div).
He was a paratrooper in World War II. He was wounded four times and spent six months in the hospital. He received 8 medals; including, the Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts.
Evelyn Orella Gasper was born 9 Aug 1923, Presto, Bingham, ID; died 28 Feb 1984, Pocatello, Bannock, ID; buried at Riverside-Thomas Cemetery, Bingham, ID; married Theo Johnson (Div). She was a veteran of World War II. She served in the Medical Corps as an ambulance driver for which she received a gold certificate; married Mr. Galloway.
Tressie later married (2) Michael Anton Goeden on 22 May 1928, Idaho Falls, Bonneville, ID. Michael Anton, born 30 Apr 1900, Wadena, Wadena, MN; died 16 Dec 1974, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT; buried at Riverside-Thomas Cemetery, Bingham, ID. Michael had one of the first wells drilled and one of the first pumps for sprinkler irrigation on the desert west of Moreland, Bingham, ID. He died 14 Oct 1996, Blackfoot, Bingham, ID; buried at Riverside-Thomas Cemetery, Bingham, ID.
At an early age, due to the ill health of his mother (Evelyn Gasper Johnson), Mike and Tressie adopted their grandson Charles Dennis Johnson Goeden, born 14 March 1946, Blackfoot, Bingham, ID; died 20 June 1973, Fullerton, Orange, CA; buried at Riverside-Thomas Cemetery, Riverside, Bingham, ID; married Phylis Faulkner.

8- Bert Robison Sibbett was born 27 April 1904 at Grey's Lake, Idaho. He married Norma Melissa Wright on 11 Aug 1931, Brigham, Box Elder, UT . They had one daughter, Bertie Lee Sibbett, born 26 Aug 1932, Blackfoot, Bingham, ID, who married Virgil Lewis North on May 10, 1957.  Bert was a cowboy and a bronc rider, he won the title "World Champion Bull Rider" in 1927 in Salinas, Monterey, California. Bert died 19 or 20 Jun 1989, Pocatello, Bannock, ID; buried June 23, at Grove City Cemetery, Pocatello, Blackfoot, Bingham, ID. Melissa, born 9 Jan 1907, Draper, Salt Lake, UT; died 26 Dec 1996, Pocatello, Bannock, ID; buried at Grove City Cemetery, Blackfoot, ID.
Virgil Lewis North was born 22 Jun 1934, Kinsley, Edwards, KS; died 19 Jan 1994, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT; buried at Grove City Cemetery, Blackfoot, Bingham, ID.
[Above information from Brigham County, Idaho, 1985 Family History Center -submitted by Erold C.Wiscombe. Collaborated with Andria Williams biography of Samuel A. Sibbett.]

9) Virginia Sibbett, was the last child born on 8 September 1908, she died the same day. She is buried at the Gray Cemetery, Muir Road, Gray’s Lake, Bonneville, ID.

Dail Alvin Sibbett said his father, Alvin Lewis Jones Sibbett, told him that Samuel Alexander Sibbett was away on business when Eveline went into labor with her last child. She hemorrhaged to death. The midwife then determined that Mr. Sibbett could not take care of a newborn baby with all the other young children he already had; such as, a four year old boy--six year old twins—and five other children at home. She then put the baby in another room and let it die. The son, Alvin, told Dail that he remembered hearing the baby cry in the next room—then it stopped crying. When they buried the mother, they put the newborn baby on her stomach and buried them in the same grave.

Eveline Brown Jones Sibbett, died 8 Sep 1908, Gray’s Lake, Bonneville, ID; buried at

Gray’s Lake, Bonneville, ID. Samuel lost not only his wife that day, but his baby daughter, Virginia, too. One can only imagine how devastated and heartbroken he was at this time. Samuel lost his sheep about the same time and was discouraged. He went to help build a dirt-filled Blackfoot River Dam with horses. After the dam was completed, he sold his ranch at Gray’s Lake to George Muir and took the eight living children (William, Alvin, Samuel, Ila, Elva, Lee, Tressie and Bert) and moved to Upper Presto, Bingham, ID. They traveled by way of Wolverine Canyon in a sheep wagon and a white covered buggy. They had to live in a sheep camp until Sam built a log house. Sam planted apple trees and raised vegetables which he supplied to the neighbors.

Bert Robison Sibbett "World Champion Bull Rider" 1972
Bert Robison Sibbett "World Champion Bull Rider" in 1927

Tressie Leona Sibbett Gasper Goeden, Ila Irene Sibbett Grover, Samuel L. Sibbett

Tressie Leona Sibbett Gasper Goeden, Ila Irene Sibbett Grover. and Samuel L. Sibbett

Admiral Lee Delmar Sibbett

Samuel was road supervisor for the Caribou mines. One winter Sam had to rescue a snowed in family from the mines. The snow was up to his armpits. The Sibbetts kept the family and fed them until spring.

As of June 1985, Sam Sibbett's old log house, although it is boarded up, is still standing in Gray's Lake, Idaho.

Eveline Brown Sibbett died in September 1908, after the birth of their last child, Virginia on September 8, 1908. Eveline and Virginia are buried together at Gray's Lake, Idaho.

Some time between 1930 and 1935 Sam left the Salmon area and went to Groveland to live with his daughter and son-in-law (Tressie and Mike Goeden). Bertie Sibbett North remembers her grandfather bouncing her on his knee to the tune of “Irish Washer Woman” when she was three years old.

Sam had diabetes and became very sick. He asked to be taken to Soda Springs to see his old friend Dr. Kackley. Sam was admitted to the hospital. His health steadily declined. While in the hospital and near death, he started speaking in German to his grandmother. Tressie and Mike were there with him. Mike, being of German descent, was able to understand what Sam was saying.

Samuel Alexander Sibbett, died 1 May 1935, Soda Springs, Caribou, ID; buried at Gray Cemetery next to Eveline and their three babies: Elmer, Elsie and Virginia. All are buried at Gray's Lake, Idaho.

Samuel and Eveline Sibbett Family Group Sheet


PAF - Archer files = Captain James Brown + Martha Stephens > John Martin Brown I + Almeda Wilson > Eveline Brown + Samuel Alexander Sibbett.

Additional research, information and photocopied pictures submitted to this site by Erold Clark Wiscombe.

[Bracketed], bold, additions, correctins, photos added by Lucy Brown Archer

http://alexanderrobison.org/_docs/Sibbett%20Jones%20Robison%20History%20&%20headstone%20Photos.pdf by Andria K.Williams, Great Granddaughter of Samuel Alexander & Eveline Brown Sibbett

Copyright 2001 www.OrsonPrattBrown.org

1860 Federal Census of Genoa, Platte, Nebraska Territory – Taken 29 Jun 1860:

Hugh G Sibbett/34/M/Shoemaker/PA

Hannah “ 35/F/PA

James “ 8/M/PA

Samuel “ 6/M/PA

Mary A “ 1/F/NB (Born in PA in 1859)

1870 Federal Census of Morgan City, Morgan, Utah – Taken 21 Jun 1870:

Sibbett, Hugh G/44/M/W/Shoemaker/PA

“ James/17/M/W/Laborer/PA

“ Samuel/16/M/W/Laborer/PA

“ Mary/13/F/W/At Home/PA

“ Alice/10/F/W/At Home/PA

“ Amanda/8/F/W/At Home/UT

“ Sarah/6/F/W/At Home/UT

1880 Federal Census of Evanston, Unita, Wyoming – Taken 3 Jun 1880:

Sibbett, Hugh G/W/M/54/Shoemaker/PA

1880 Federal Census of Salt River Valley, Unita, Wyoming – Taken 7 Jun 1880:

Sibbitts, James L/W/M/27/Head/Farmer/IL(S/B PA)

“ Amanda A/W/F/26/Wife/Keeping House/CA

“ Hugh G/W/F/7/Son/UT

“ Amanda A/W/F/6/Daughter/UT

“ James L/W/M/4/Son/UT

“ Harlow E/W/M/2/Son/UT

“ Hanna L/W/F/6/12/Dec/Daughter/UT

Sibbitts, Samuel/W/M/26/Brother/Laborer/IL(S/B PA)

1880 Federal Census of West Weber Precinct, Weber, UT – Taken 19 Jun 1880:

Brown, John/W/M/56/Head/Farmer/NC/NC/NC

“ Almeda/W/F/41/Wife/Keeping House/MO/VT/OH

“ Alvin/W/M/14/Son/At Home/UT/NC/MO

“ Calvin/W/M/14/Son/At Home/UT/NC/MO

“ Andrew J/W/M/12/Son/At Home/UT/NC/MO

“ William/W/M/10/Son/At Home/UT/NC/MO

“ Eveline/W/F/6/Daughter/At Home/UT/NC/MO

“ Caroline/W/F/5/Daughter/At Home/UT/NC/MO

“ Eliza/W/F/3/Daughter/At Home/UT/NC/MO

“ Harvey/W/M/1/Son/At Home/UT/NC/MO

1900 Federal Census of Gray’s Precinct, Bingham, ID – Taken 25 Jun 1900:

Sibbett, Samuel A/Head/W/M/May/1854/46/M/4/PA/PA/PA/Farmer

“ Eveline/Wife/W/F/Mar/1872/28/M/4/7/5/UT/NC/IA(S/B MO)

“ Samuel/Son/W/M/Aug/1897/2/S/ID/PA/UT

“ Ila I/Daughter/W/F/Aug/1898/1/S/ID/PA/UT

“ Elva/Daughter/W/F/Aug/1899/9/12/S/ID/PA/UT

Jones, William/Stepson/W/M/Feb/1888/12/S/UT/UT/UT/At School

“ Alvin L/Stepson/W/M/July/1894/5/S/UT/UT/UT

1910 Federal Census of Presto Precinct, Bingham, ID – Taken 22 Apr 1910:

Sibbett, Samuel A/Head/M/W/55/W/PA/OH(S/B PA)/PA/English/Farmer

“ Samuel L/Son/M/W/12/S/ID/PA/UT/English/None

“ Ila I/Daughter/F/W/11/S/ID/PA/UT/English/None

“ Elva/Daughter/F/W/10/S/ID/PA/UT/English/None

“ Tressie/Daughter/F/W/7/S/ID/PA/UT/None

“ Lee/Son/M/W/7/S/ID/PA/UT/None

“ Bert R/M/W/5/S/ID/PA/UT/None

1920 Federal Census of Goshen Precinct, Bingham, ID – Taken 13th and 14th

Jan 1920:

Sibbett, Samuel/Head/M/W/65/Wd/PA/U.S.(S/B PA)/PA/Farmer/General Farm

“ Samuel L/Son/M/W/22/S/ID/PA/UT/Laborer/Farm

“ Bert/Son/M/W/15/S/ID/PA/UT/Laborer/Farm

“ Tressie/Daughter/F/W/17/S/ID/PA/UT/Cook/Private Family

Darlo Sibbett states that his grandfather lived with his father and mother, Alvin

and Olive Hansen Sibbett, and their family for a couple of years during this

time frame.

Charles Gasper remembers his grandfather living in Idaho Falls with Tressie and

taking care of him and his sister Evelyn while Tressie worked two jobs.

1930 Federal Census of Singiser Precinct, Lemhi, ID – Taken 20 May 1930:

Sibbett, Samuel L/Head/M/W/32/S/ID/PA/UT/Farm Manager/Farm

“ Samuel A/Father/M/W/76/Wd/PA/IN(S/B PA)/PA/None

Samuel’s brother and sisters are:

1) James Lowry, born 22 Jun 1852, Quincy, Franklin, PA; died 22 Jun 1922, Soda

Springs, Caribou, ID; buried at Gray Cemetery, Muir Road, Gray’s Lake, Bonneville,

ID; married Amanda Almeda Simmons on 24 Dec 1871 at Morgan City, Morgan, UT.

Amanda Almeda, born 8 Sep 1853, San Bernardino, CA; died 28 Oct 1944, Gray’s

Lake, Bonneville, ID; buried at Gray Cemetery, Muir Road, Gray’s Lake, Bonneville,


2) Nancy Ellen, born 30 Oct 1856, Quincy, Franklin, PA; died 28 Feb 1874;

married Billie Wells in 1873.

3) Mary Alice, born 8 Apr 1859, Quincy, Franklin, PA; died 3 Nov 1894; buried at

Parker Cemetery, Fremont, ID; married Wyman Mynard Parker, Jr. on 25 Dec 1876.

Wyman Mynard, born 30 Mar 1852, Morgan City, Morgan, UT; died 13 Mar 1941,

Boise, Ada, ID.

4) Anna Amanda, born 12 Dec 1861, Farmington, Davis, UT; died 31 Oct

1926, Rexburg, Madison, ID; buried at Sutton Cemetery, Archer, Madison, ID;

married Hyrum Barton Simmons on 20 Jun 1878 at Tyhee, Bannock, ID. Hyrum

Barton, born 14 Mar 1848, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, IA; died 24 Jan 1926,

Lyman, Madison, ID; buried at Sutton Cemetery, Archer, Madison, ID.

5) Mary Ann, born in 1863, Farmington, Davis, UT. FGR shows Mary Ann dying about

1864. 1870 census of Morgan City, UT, lists 6th child being named Sarah and she is

six years old.

Eveline’s brothers and sisters are:

1) Alvin (twin), born 29 May 1864, West Weber, Weber, UT; died 21 Jun 1945,

Salmon, Lemhi, ID; married Beulah Matteson on 28 Oct 1899, Blackfoot, Bingham,

ID. Beulah, born 21 Mar 1882, Invo Nine, Harper, KS; died 2 Oct 1946, Salmon,

Lemhi, ID.

2) Calvin (twin), born 29 May 1864, West Weber, Weber, UT; died 24 Oct 1938,

Ogden, Weber, UT; buried Ogden, Weber, UT; married Emma Fredricka Haggstrom

on 18 Mar 1892, Gray’s Lake, Bonneville, ID. Emma Fredricka, born 16 Apr 1864,

Karheming, Sweden; died 22 Nov 1915, Ogden, Weber, UT; buried Ogden, Weber,


3) Andrew Jackson, born 8 Aug 1867, West Weber, Weber, UT; died 4 Jan 1888.

Family history states that Andrew started to the northern part of the state on

horseback. He was overtaken by a bad blizzard. It was so cold he lost his way and

was frozen to death. His body was not found until the next spring after the snow had


4) William, born 1 Sep 1869, West Weber, Weber, UT; died 4 Nov 1939, Ogden,

Weber, UT; buried Ogden, Weber UT; married Nellie Ward on 3 Nov 1888, Ogden,

Weber, UT. Nellie, born 26 Apr 1871, Ogden, Weber, UT; died 5 Oct 1924, Ogden,

Weber, UT; buried Ogden, Weber, UT.

5) Caroline, born 27 Feb 1874, West Weber, Weber, UT; died 27 Oct 1929, Ogden,

Weber, UT; married Enoch Madsen on 7 Aug 1895, Blackfoot, Bingham, ID. Enoch,

born 22 Aug 1872, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT; died 15 Oct 1932, Los Angeles,

Los Angeles, CA; buried Ogden, Weber, UT.

6) Eliza, born 28 Oct 1876, West Weber, Weber, UT; died 2 Jul 1890, Ogden, Weber,

UT. A FGR states that Eliza was at a celebration in Ogden the summer of 1890. She

was knocked down by a run-away team and died that day.

7) Harvey, born 12 May 1878, Ogden, Weber, UT; died 30 Nov 1919; buried Ogden,

Weber, UT.



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... Published December 2007:
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... Published 2012:
"Finding Refuge in El Paso"
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Includes O.P Brown's activities as Special Church Agent in El Paso
and the Juarez Stake Relief Committee Minutes of 1912.

...Published 2012:
"Colonia Morelos: Un ejemplo de ética mormona
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...Published 2014:
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By Elizabeth Oberdick Anderson [ISBN: 978-156085-226-1]
Mentions O.P. Brown more than 30 times as Ivins' companion.

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... Lily Gonzalez Brown 80th Birthday Party-Reunion
July 14, 2007 in American Fork, Utah

...Gustavo Brown Family Reunion in October 2007

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...... Wives and 35 Children Photo Chart
...... Chronology
...... Photo Gallery of OPB
...... Letters


...... Biographical Sketch of the Life Orson Pratt Brown
...... History of Orson Pratt Brown by Orson P. Brown
...... Journal & Reminiscences of Capt. Orson P. Brown
...... Memories of Orson P. Brown by C. Weiler Brown
...... Orson Pratt Brown by "Hattie" Critchlow Jensen
...... Orson Pratt Brown by Nelle Spilsbury Hatch
...... Orson Pratt Brown by W. Ayrd Macdonald

- Captain James Brown 1801-1863

...... Wives and 29 / 43 Children Photo Chart
...... Captain James Brown's Letters & Journal
...... Brown Family Memorabilia
...... Mormon Battalion 1846-1847
...... Brown's Fort ~ then Brownsville, Utah
...... Chronology of Captain James Brown

- Phebe Abbott Brown Fife 1831-1915

- Colonel William Nicol Fife - Stepfather 1831-1915


- James Brown of Rowan County, N.C. 1757-1823

- Mary Williams of Rowan County, N.C. 1760-1832

- Stephen Joseph Abbott of, PA 1804-1843

- Abigail Smith of Williamson, N.Y. 1806-1889

- John Fife of Tulliallan, Scotland 1807-1874

- Mary Meek Nicol, Carseridge, Scotland 1809-1850 


- Martha "Mattie" Diana Romney Brown 1870-1943

- Jane "Jennie" Bodily Galbraith Brown 1879-1944

- Elizabeth Graham MacDonald Webb Brown 1874-1904

- Eliza Skousen Brown Abbott Burk 1882-1958

- Angela Maria Gavaldón Brown 1919-1967


- (Martha) Carrie Brown (child) 1888-1890

- (Martha) Orson Pratt Brown, Jr. (child) 1890-1892

- (Martha) Ray Romney Brown 1892-1945

- (Martha) Clyde Romney Brown 1893-1948

- (Martha) Miles Romney Brown 1897-1974

- (Martha) Dewey B. Brown 1898-1954

- (Martha) Vera Brown Foster Liddell Ray 1901-1975

- (Martha) Anthony Morelos Brown 1904-1970

- (Martha) Phoebe Brown Chido Gardiner 1906-1973

- (Martha) Orson Juarez Brown 1908-1981

- (Jane) Ronald Galbraith Brown 1898-1969

- (Jane) Grant "Duke" Galbraith Brown 1899-1992

- (Jane) Martha Elizabeth Brown Leach Moore 1901-1972

- (Jane) Pratt Orson Galbraith Brown 1905-1960

- (Jane) William Galbraith Brown (child) 1905-1912

- (Jane) Thomas Patrick Porfirio Diaz Brown 1907-1978

- (Jane) Emma Jean Galbraith Brown Hamilton 1909-1980

- (Elizabeth) (New born female) Webb 1893-1893

- (Elizabeth) Elizabeth Webb Brown Jones 1895-1982

- (Elizabeth) Marguerite Webb Brown Shill 1897-1991

- (Elizabeth) Donald MacDonald Brown 1902-1971

- (Elizabeth) James Duncan Brown 1904-1943

- (Eliza) Gwen Skousen Brown Erickson Klein 1903-1991

- (Eliza) Anna Skousen Brown Petrie Encke 1905-2001

- (Eliza) Otis Pratt Skousen Brown 1907-1987

- (Eliza) Orson Erastus Skousen Brown (infant) 1909-1910

- (Eliza) Francisco Madera Skousen Brown 1911-1912

- (Eliza) Elizabeth Skousen Brown Howell 1914-1999

- (Angela) Silvestre Gustavo Brown 1919-

- (Angela) Bertha Erma Elizabeth Brown 1922-1979

- (Angela) Pauly Gabaldón Brown 1924-1998

- (Angela) Aaron Aron Saul Brown 1925

- (Angela) Mary Angela Brown Hayden Green 1927

- (Angela) Heber Jedediah Brown (infant) 1936-1936

- (Angela) Martha Gabaldón Brown Gardner 1940


- Stephen Abbott Brown 1851-1853

- Phoebe Adelaide Brown Snyder 1855-1930

- Cynthia Abigail Fife Layton 1867-1943

- (New born female) Fife 1870-1870

- (Toddler female) Fife 1871-1872


- (Martha Stephens) John Martin Brown 1824-1888

(Martha Stephens) Alexander Brown 1826-1910

(Martha Stephens) Jesse Stowell Brown 1828-1905

- (Martha Stephens) Nancy Brown Davis Sanford 1830-1895

(Martha Stephens) Daniel Brown 1832-1864

(Martha Stephens) James Moorhead Brown 1834-1924

(Martha Stephens) William Brown 1836-1904

(Martha Stephens) Benjamin Franklin Brown 1838-1863

(Martha Stephens) Moroni Brown 1838-1916

- (Susan Foutz) Alma Foutz Brown (infant) 1842-1842

- (Esther Jones) August Brown (infant) 1843-1843

- (Esther Jones) Augusta Brown (infant) 1843-1843

- (Esther Jones) Amasa Lyman Brown (infant) 1845-1845

- (Esther Jones) Alice D. Brown Leech 1846-1865

- (Esther Jones) Esther Ellen Brown Dee 1849-1893

- (Sarah Steadwell) James Harvey Brown 1846-1912

- (Mary McRee) George David Black 1841-1913

- (Mary McRee) Mary Eliza Brown Critchlow1847-1903

- (Mary McRee) Margaret Brown 1849-1855

- (Mary McRee) Mary Brown Edwards Leonard 1852-1930

- (Mary McRee) Joseph Smith Brown 1856-1903

- (Mary McRee) Josephine Vilate Brown Newman 1858-1917

- (Phebe Abbott) Stephen Abbott Brown (child) 1851-1853

- (Phebe Abbott) Phoebe Adelaide Brown 1855-1930

- (Cecelia Cornu) Charles David Brown 1856-1926

- (Cecelia Cornu) James Fredrick Brown 1859-1923

- (Lavinia Mitchell) Sarah Brown c. 1857-

- (Lavinia Mitchell) Augustus Hezekiah Brown c. 1859


- (Diane Davis) Sarah Jane Fife White 1855-1932

- (Diane Davis) William Wilson Fife 1857-1897

- (Diane Davis) Diana Fife Farr 1859-1904

- (Diane Davis) John Daniel Fife 1863-1944

- (Diane Davis) Walter Thompson Fife 1866-1827

- (Diane Davis) Agnes Ann "Aggie" Fife 1869-1891

- (Diane Davis ) Emma Fife (child) 1871-1874

- (Diane Davis) Robert Nicol Fife (infant) 1873-1874

- (Diane Davis) Barnard Fife (infant) 1881-1881

- (Cynthia Abbott) Mary Lucina Fife Hutchins 1868-1950

- (Cynthia Abbott) Child Fife (infant) 1869-1869

- (Cynthia Abbott) David Nicol Fife 1871-1924

- (Cynthia Abbott) Joseph Stephen Fife (child) 1873-1878

- (Cynthia Abbott) James Abbott Fife (infant) 1877-1878


- (Diana) Caroline Lambourne 18461979

- (Diana)  Miles Park Romney 1843-1904

- (Jane) Emma Sarah Bodily 1858-1935

- (Jane) William Wilkie Galbraith 1838-1898

- (Elizabeth) Alexander F. Macdonald 1825-1903

- (Elizabeth) Elizabeth Atkinson 1841-1922

- (Eliza) Anne Kirstine Hansen 1845-1916

- (Eliza) James Niels Skousen 1828-1912

- (Angela) Maria Durán de Holguin 1876-1955

- (Angela) José Tomás Gabaldón 1874-1915












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