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Orson Pratt Brown's Step-Half-sister

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Annie Elizabeth Roper Browning

Born: April 4, 1837 at Wythe County, Virginia

Died: September 24, 1873 at Ogden, Weber, Utah

Compiled by Lucy Brown Archer

Annie Elizabeth Roper (or Raper) was born April 4, 1837 at Wythe County, Virginia, as the daughter of Esther Jones and Robert Roper or Raper. Robert Roper died sometime before May 1839, three years after their marriage. After Robert's death Esther learned the gospel from some missionaries and joined the Mormon Church. For this action Esther's parents disowned and disinherited her. Esther then moved to Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois in 1842 with her little daughter Annie. Annie came to Salt Lake City in 1847, was baptized the same year. See Esther Jones biography for more details.

Annie Elizabeth Roper married John Wesley Browning on October 26, 1854 in Ogden, Weber, Utah. John was the oldest son of Jonathan Browning and his first wife Elizabeth Stallcop Browning, John was born in Davidson,Tennessee on March 7, 1832 and died in Ogden on October 5, 1913. John and Annie had two sons and six daughters.

[John Wesley Browning's brother David Elias Browning (b. January 19, 1829 in Nashville) had married Charilla Abbott, daughter of (deceased) Stephen Abbott and Abigail Abbott [Capt. Brown's 5th wife], and step-daughter of Captain James Brown, on January 27, 1853 in Ogden, Weber, UT.], and Annie's step-half-sister.

John Wesley Browning and wife, Annie Elizabeth Roper Browning

After the death of Captain James Brown on September 30, 1863 at Ogden, Weber, Utah, Esther built an addition to the home of her daughter, Elizabeth Annie Roper Browning's home near 29th Street and Washington Avenue in Ogden. She kept open house in a home which was very neat, appropriately furnished, in the typical southern style, because she came from North Carolina. She had hot biscuits or hot cakes for breakfast. She was exceptionally, neatly dressed, and "cleanliness" was her watch word.

Annie Elizabeth Roper Browning died when her last two twins were born; one of the twins survived her for a month, her other children survived her and were all married and reared families.

Children of Annie Elizabeth Roper and John Wesley Browning:

1- Esther A. Browning b. 1853 at Ogden,Weber, Utah.
2- John Wesley "Chub" Browning, Jr. b. Apr 27, 1855 at Ogden; md. March 25 1880 to Hannah Sophia Ruth Wooton, had 2 sons and 2 dau.; d. 1 Feb 1934 Ogden,Weber,Utah; buried at Ogden City Cemetery, Utah.
3- Ann Elizabeth Browning b. Sep 27, 1857; md. c.1874 to Howell Evans, children: Ann, Thomas, Henry.; d.
4- Hester Alice Browning b. June 16, 1860 at Ogden; md. Lyman M. Huggins, children: George, Mark, William, Emma, Mrs. K.A. Rock; d. 14 May 1923 at Ogden, Weber, Utah.
5- Rosebel (Rose B.) Browning b. November 9, 1861 at Ogden; md. William F. Downey, they had four children; d. possibly in Kemmerer, Wyoming.
6- Iola Browning b. March 22, 1863 at Ogden; md. Birt Griffin Blackman, at least one dau.; d. 12 Nov 1947 at Ogden.
7- Robert Roper Browning b. June 26, 1865 at Ogden; d. 1868.
8- James William Browning b. Sept 13, 1868 at Ogden; d. Apr 13, 1911 at Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah; buried at Ogden City Cemetery.
9- Ellen May Browning -twin b. Sept 14, 1873 at Ogden; d. November 4, 1873 at Ogden; buried with mother in same grave at Ogden City Cemetery.
10- Reuben Jacob Browning -twin b. Sep 14, 1873; d. Sep 14, 1873 at Ogden; buried in same grave with mother

After Annie died in 1873, her mother, Esther Jones Roper Brown, then went to live with her other daughter, Esther Ellen Brown Dee.

NOTE: Elizabeth Ann Roper and Annie Elizabeth Roper seem to be the same person. Various references are of the same woman with same husband, dates, etc.


PAF - Archer files = (2) Captain James Brown + (3) Esther Jones Roper Brown : (1) Esther Jones + (1) Robert Roper > Annie Elizabeth Roper + John Wesley Browning.

Belva Moyle contributed the picture of John Wesley Browning and Ann Elizabeth Roper Browning.,which she received from Betseylee Browning (dbrown@vitrex.net) on February 1, 2005. The source of the photo is the "Isaac V. Carling Family History" compiled and edited by Elda P. Mortenson. FHL US/CAN Film 896746. (2-27-05)

Copyright 2001 www.OrsonPrattBrown.org


The Ogden Standard, Ogden, Utah Wednesday October 8, 1913"

"J.W. Browning is found Dead" J. Wesley Browning, one of Utah's prominent pioneers was found dead in bed at his residence, 545 Twenty-third street, yesterday afternoon by his son, J.W. Browning. Death was apparently due to apoplexy. Members of the family were notified by the son and the body was removed to the Larkin establishment to be prepared for burial.

J. Wesley Browning was born in Tennessee, March 7, 1826. He was the son of the late Jonathan Browning. He came over the plains to Utah in 1848 with Brigham Young's family and made several other trips between Salt Lake and the Missouri river as a teamster. In 1852 he and his brother James engaged in the mercantile business in a store situated where Wrights' store now stands. (Wright's store was on the west side of Washington Blvd. between 23rd and 24th St. It was tom down to make room for the Ogden Mall which has now been torn down). Two years later he married Miss Annie Roper, a step-daughter of Captain James Brown and a little later he was in the expedition that went to settle the Salmon river country, but which was forced to return because of Indian attacks.

After moving to Salt Lake in 1866 he went to South Pass, Wyo., during the gold excitement, but he returned to Ogden and again engaged in the mercantile business. His wife died in 1873. He had retired from active business for 20 years.

The deceased is survived by a son and five daughters. They are J. W. Browning, Mrs. L. N. Huggins. Mrs. B. G. Blackman, Mrs. Henry Garner and the two Mrs. C. F. Middleton of Ogden, Mrs. William F. Downey of Kemmerer.

The following half brothers and sisters reside in Ogden: J. M. Browning, M. S. Browning, T. S. Browning, G. E. Browning, J. E. Browning, W. W. Browning, and Mrs. Olive Wallace. (The two Mrs. C. F. Middleton are J. Wesley Browning's two sisters Martha Clarissa Browning and Melinda Vashti Browning who were both married to C.F. Middleton.)

Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock Friday afternoon in the Second ward meeting house with Bishop Robert McQuarrie officiating. Friends may view the body today at the Larkin parlor and tomorrow and from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday at the home of Mrs. B. G. Blackman 2355 Jefferson Ave. The internment will be made in the City cemetery."

DEATH: The Ogden Standard, Ogden, Utah Saturday, October 11, 1913

"J. W. BROWNING BURIED FRIDAY Funeral services for J. Wesley Browning were held yesterday afternoon in the Sixth ward meeting house. The speakers were Bishop Robert Mc Quarrie, James Brown, Abraham Zundel, Pres. L. W. Shurtliff, Pres. O. F. Middleton and Bishop O. M. Sanderson who officiated at the services. There were several beautiful musical numbers given. Three vocalists were the Misses Irma Browning, Florence Browning and Rhea Stevens. Six Browning brothers acted as pall bearers. The grave in Ogden City cemetery was dedicated by T. S. Browning.

In May 2001 Belva Rawson Moyle participated in the Ogden City Cemetery tour giving a brief history of Esther Jones Roper Brown. Because of this event I have become acquainted with Betseylee Browning of Mt. Green, Utah whose husband is a decendent of Jonathan Browning. She has been very helpful in giving me information on the Browning family. Belva also met Donna & Grant McGill (1290 - 6th St. Ogden) Donna is a granddaughter of Iola Browning Blackman. She has given me her pedigree chart. Belva met Bob Wilson (835 E. 1875 So. Bountiful, Utah 84010) Bob Wilson brought his mother to visit Belva at the Family History Library. His mother is Florence Browning Wilson of North Ogden. She is the dau of Ray Browning - son of John W. Browning Jr. Florence also let me copy the sampler she has that was made by Esther Jones Raper Brown. It has Browning genealogy on the back of the frame.

WIFE - Ann Elizabeth Roper/Raper

Headstone of Ann Elizabeth Raper Browning in the Ogden City Cemetery is on 3rd Ave - one grave east of her mother Esther Jones Roper Brown - states Browning Ann E. Raper Apr 4, 1837 - Sept 24, 1873 and John Wesley Mar 7, 1832 - Oct 5, 1913. Also on the headstone it says Ellen May & Reuben Jacob buried on mother's grave.

Ogden Junction newspaper Sat. Oct 11. 1873, page 6, reports:. Died, In this city, Sept 24, 1873, of heart disease and dropsy, Ann Elizabeth, wife of J. W. Browning and daughter of Robert and Esther Roper (Raper). Deceased was born in Wythe County Va., April 4th, 1837. Her father died when she was two years of age, and her mother then moved to Nauvoo, Ill, with her in 1842. She came to Salt Lake City in 1847, was baptized the same year, and in 1854 was married. She leaves a husband and seven children and a host of friends to mourn her loss. She remained, until death, firm in the faith of the Gospel.

Nov 2, 2000 Weber County 1860 census line 28 lists: Jno W. Browning 28 Tenn.
Ann E. Browning 22 Ind.
Jno W. age 5, Anna E. age 3, amd Esther A. 6/12 Browning

On the card file of pioneers crossing the plains ( Church Emmigration) one card list: POPER (Roper) Ann Elizabeth (10) Utah Pioneer of 1847. Member of Capt. Daniel Spencer's Hundred (2nd Fifty) which arrived in G.S.L. Valley Sept. 19, 1847. Q.H. June 21, 1847, p.12) P.420 of the DUP "They Came ín'47" lists
First Ten - Isaac Haight, Capt. Brown, Esther age 33, born 7 Jan 1814 in Lyman, No. Carolina and Raper, Ann Elizabeth age 10, born 4 Apr 1837, Wythe Co.,V& They left Jun 8, 1847 and arrived 3 months later on Sep 19, 1847.

Nov 5, 2000 Weber County 1870 census page 7 lists: Browning, J. Wesley 38 Clerk in store
" Ann E. 34 f w Keeping house
" John W. 15 m w Works in shoe store
" Ann E. 12 f w
" Esther (Hester) 10 f w
" Rose B. 8 f w
" Iola 6 f w
" James

This census was 3 years before Ann Elizabeth died in 1873. She apparently had twins in that time period. Her headstone says that Ellen May and Reuben Jacob are buried in Mother's grave. The Ogden City cemetery records also Reuben Jacob Browning died Sep 14, 1873 and Ellen May Nov 5, 1873. Ellen May would still have been alive when her mother died on the 24 Sep 1873. Thus the 7 surviving children listed in the obituary. In "The Ogden Junction " Friday, Nov. 7, 1873 it is recorded on page 3 " DIED In this city, on the 4th, Ellen May, daughter of J. W. and Anna Elizabeth Browning, aged one month and twenty days."

In the obituary for John Wesley Browning it lists the surviving children by married name. This is listed under John Wesley Browning's personal information.

CHILD 1 - John Wesley Browning Jr.

The headstone of John W. Browning and Hannah S. R Browning lists the names of two infant sons: Fred E. 1902 and John A. 1884.

The obituary in the Ogden Standard-Examiner Thursday Evening, Feb 1, 1934 page 6 reads, "JOHN WESLEY BROWNING DIES -John Wesley (Chub) Browning aged 78, died at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Elmer Woolsey, 3136 Ogden Ave. at ten­thirty o'clock this morning, after a two months' illness.

He was born April 27, 1855, in Ogden, a son of John W. and Ann Browning. He was married to Hannah Wootton March 25, 1880. He worked in Nevada for Governor Sparks in the livestock business for several years and entered business when he returned to Ogden forty years ago. He was interested in mining and oil prospects and located a coal mine at Lost creek in early days.

His wife died Feb 13, 1912. Survivors are two sons and two daughters, Ray W. Browning, Mrs. Elmer Woolsey, Florence Browning, Ogden, Frank C. Browning, Dillon, Mont.; three grandchildren and one sister, Mrs. B. G. Blackman of Ogden. Funeral arrangements are in charge of the Deseret mortuary."

John W. and Hannah Browning are both buried in the same lot with John"s father and mother in the Ogden City Cemetery on 3rd Ave.

CHILD 2 - Ann Elizabeth Browning Info from Dale Browning Dec. 2000 Ann Elizabeth had two husbands: Howell Evans abt 1874. They had 3 children Ann, Thomas and Henry. Husband #2 Lee H. George.

CHILD 3 - Hester Alice Browning

12/28/2000 Belva checked Leavitt's Chapel of the Flowers Cemetery 36th St. in <http://St.in > Ogden. Hester Browning Huggins and her husband are buried in Block 8, lot 30 3 & 4. Hester's sister Iola Browning Blackman and her husband B. G.Blackman are also buried near them in Block 8 Lot 32 1&2.

Hester and Lyman N. Huggins had 6 children

15 Jan 2001 Hester Browning Huggins' obituary located by BR Moyle Ogden Standard Examiner Pg 6 Tues. Evening May 15, 1923.

Hester Browning Huggins, wife of Lyman M. Huggins, died last night at 11 o'clock at the family residence, 2461 Van Buren avenue of paralysis. She was born in Ogden 63 years ago. Surviving beside the husband are three sons and two daughters, George, Mark and William, all of Idaho; Mrs Emma Kenney of Ogden, and Mrs. K. A. Rock of Salt Lake. Funeral arrangements will be announced later.

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CHILD 3 - Hester Alice Browning (Continued)

Emma Huggins Kenney Aug. 22, 1879 - Jul 7, 1964 dau of Hester and Lyman Huggins is also buried in the plot with her parents and the Blackmans.

CHILD 4 - Rosabel Browning

Rosabel and William F. Downey had 4 children

The Weber County 1880 census lists Rosa B. Browning age 19 living with her sister Annie E. Evans and husband Howell Evans and three children.

Rosabel's death date has not been verified. In 1913 at the time of her father's death she was living in Kemmerer, Wyoming.

CHILD 5 - Iola Browning

12/28/00 Belva visited the Levitt Chapel of the Flowers Mortuary. Iola Browning and her husband Birt G. Blackman are buried in the older section of the cemetery. It is called the Mt View section. They are buried in Block 8 lot 32 172., has a headstone.

Iola was married a first time to Albert Swigert and they had no children. She and her second husband, B. G. Blackman had 4 children.

Iola was born BIC. Also a sealing to Parents was done 25 Sep 76 in the Provo Temple.

The obituary of Iola Browning Blackman was located 15 Jan 2001 in the Ogden Standard Examiner, Wed. Evening, Nov 12, 1947.

BLACKMAN-Funeral services for Mrs. Iola Browning Blackman, widow of the late Birt G. Blackman, and lifelong Ogden resident, of 2250 Monroe boulevard, will be held Thursday at four p.m. at Lindquist and Sons Collonial funeral chapel with Rev. J. E. Carver of the First Presbyterian church officiating. Friends may call at the funeral chapel this evening from seven until nine p.m. and Thursday until the hour of service. Interment in the Mountain View cemetery, directed by Lindquist and Sons. Iola and her husband are buried near her sister Hester and her husband in the Mountain View cemetery.

Donna Hansen McGill, a granddaughter of Iola, told Belva in 2001 that Iola was about 10 years old when her mother, Ann Elizabeth Raper Browning died and she lived some of the time with her grandmother Esther Jones Raper Brown. Check Weber County 1880 Census.

CHILD 9 - Ellen May Browning Twin

Obituary notice: The Ogden Junction Friday, Nov 7, 1873 page 3 "DIED In this city, on the 4th inst., Ellen May, daughter of J. W. and Anna Elizabeth Browning. aged one month and twenty days."

Ellen May was buried in her mother's grave with her twin brother in the Ogden City Cemetery. Avenue 3 Her mother Ann Elizabeth Browning died 24 Sep 1873.



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